Facts on the Ground: Syrian SAA Forces with Support of Russia Liberating Aleppo, against the “US Supported Terrorists”
Global Research, September 30, 2016
RT News
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This carefully documented report by political correspondent Marwa Osman confirms that the US is supporting and arming the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels  which are the object of the Syrian government’s endeavor to Liberate Aleppo, with the support of Russia. 

Crimes against humanity are being committed by Al Qaeda with the support of its sponsors including the US, Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. 

The Western media reports accusing Russia of deliberately targeting civilians are fabricated. 

The Syrian government operation is directed against the various terrorist entities with the support of Russia.

America’s air raids launched by Obama in 2014 under a fake counterterrorism label are intent upon protecting rather defeating the ISIS – Daesh terrorists.  

(M.Ch. GR Editor)


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