The EU Wants War with China

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This is devious.

The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell asks European navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait. Everybody knows that a couple of EU naval ships in the Taiwan Strait will make no military difference what-so-ever. The unspoken objective is that these EU war ships could be confronted by China in a Taiwan-conflict incident. 

That would instantly put the EU in military conflict with China. That in turn, would break all trade between the EU and China during a Taiwan conflict. THAT is the purpose.

Beijing will foresee it and try to play soft with the EU. China might try to ignore the provocation of EU war-ships from Lithuania, Denmark, or Finland, because they will all be so small. But if the US gets involved in hostilities, the EU ships around Taiwan will join the fight too and get sunk anyway. Once a Taiwan conflict starts, what can Beijing do to save the EU ships if they join the US in a fight against China?

This is a US-EU Neocon attempt to put a stick into Beijing’s attempt to play soft with the EU, if or when a conflict breaks out on Taiwan. If a conflict breaks out, and China hits any of the EU war-ships, no matter if from Portugal or Denmark, the EU will be forced to break trade-ties with China. It will be like blowing up the Nord Stream. The Neocon deep-state prevented Germany from buying gas from Russia, even if the German people wanted to. This new plot involves setting the EU population up to get hurt again, this time in a conflict against China.

The EU fleet to Taiwan is a Neocon plot is directed against the EU’s own people. Lock the peoples of the EU into the US conflict with China knowing that they will get gravely hurt. The German auto-industry will lose China, its coming biggest market. The French will lose tourism, sale of Airbus aircraft, nuclear technology, fashion, wine, and food to China. This is Tony Blinken’s concept of “trade denial” from Blinken’s 1987 book “Ally vs. Ally”. US Secretary of State Blinken hasn’t changed since he wrote the following words back in 1987:

“For a number of influential policy makers, the time seems opportune to engage the Soviet Union in a round of economic warfare.

Regardless of the price that might have to be paid by the economies of Western Europe and the American business community, ensure that the pipeline [the trade] not be built because it is incompatible with the policy of trade denial which Washington sought to implement against the Soviet Union”

Break trade with China, even when it hurts your own people.

Germany is desperate to keep trading with China. France is eager too, as we just saw with Macron’s huge business delegation to Beijing. The US will never accept that. EU countries will not be allowed (sic) to play neutral in the escalating Taiwan conflict.

Trade with China is to be broken at all cost, just like the Nordstream. And Josep Borrell plays together with the US to break any chance of EU trade neutrality vis-a-vis China. And plenty of small US-directed EU countries like Lithuania and Finland will play along. Denmark too, as I know them.

Borrell wants to put the EU into a “war time mentality.”: 

“Your own people must bear even immense suffering to hurt the enemy”.

EU war ships to the Taiwan Strait is therefore an extremely important event.

You always use a fuze to ignite a bomb. The fuze in itself is just a tiny explosion, but it is used to set off a big explosion.

Like a fuze, a few small EU war ships from Portugal or Denmark in the Taiwan Strait can do little harm in themselves. But their destruction in conflict is meant to trigger a big explosion of EU hostility, unlimited EU war against China in trade, finance, sanctions, perhaps even distant blockade of traffic to China.

The US is moving Taiwan towards independence, and China will go to war to stop it. The EU wants to join a US war with China for the sake of Taiwan.


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Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image: Small EU navies in battle for Taiwan – Karsten Riise and Amin Moshrefi, Unsplash CC0

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