Endgame for an “October Surprise”. Romney’s Latest Election Campaign Gambit: War with Iran?

Netanyahu is hell-bent on inciting war between the US and Iran -- regardless of the Implications for Israel

Rending the veil of diplomatic protocol, Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu boldly plays the role of the primary protagonist in a dramatic television commercial attacking President Barack Obama’s policy of carrot-and-stick, sanctions and negotiations with Iran.  This latest pro-Romney commercial by Netanyahu begins airing immediately in the key US presidential election battleground states of Florida and Ohio, where the Republican candidate’s popularity has cratered.

Unleashing his exasperation over the Iranian domestic nuclear program, Netanyahu lets his frustration literally ooze from the screen.

Perspiring heavily while exuding an aura of gravity stoked by the terror of a possible nuclear holocaust, Netanyahu tensely intones his prophetic nightmare: “The fact is that every day that passes Iran gets closer and closer to nuclear bombs.  The world tells Israel, ‘Wait, there’s still time.’  And I say, ‘Wait for what?  Wait until when?’”

This latest gambit in the U.S. presidential chess tournament between Romney and Obama is, at once, shocking and predictable.

Since the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Romney’s popularity plummeted deeper and deeper — while the velocity of this descent just kept on accelerating and accelerating and accelerating as he fell off the proverbial cliff.

Romney’s hypersonic plunge into the abyss of political unpopularity produced an equal and opposite reaction in the gathering momentum now assembling behind his opponent, President Barack Hussein Obama.

With odds on an Obama victory now soaring to virtually 100% certainty, Romney reels from blunder to blunder.  Over the past two weeks, Romney has committed so many blunders on the presidential chessboard it is difficult to know where to begin listing them.  Most recently, Romney insulted the massive majority of Americans by defining them as “Moochers.”  Then venturing into foreign policy to distract voters from his insults, Romney took a shot at the Palestinians that missed them entirely but hit the ‘two state solution,’ the cornerstone supporting all the building blocks of Peace in the Middle East.

Romney’s latest gambit – the sacrifice of Netanyahu – has been developing for quite some time.  United by their longstanding personal friendship as aspiring robber-barons from the 1980s in management consulting, Romney and Netanyahu share a political and religious vision of the world predicated on Jewish eschatology.  The redemption of Israel, the gathering of the lost tribes, the appearance of the Messiah, the resurrection of the dead and the creation of the new Heaven and the new Earth, are familiar themes to readers — ancient, medieval and modern.

These popular Judaeo-Christian-Mormon prophecies prefigure the Romney-Netanyahu paradigm of an apocalyptic collision between the forces of good and evil incarnate, in this instance portrayed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his supporters in Iran.

With this now well-known ideological backdrop, a new poll commissioned by the shadowy organization Secure America Now was designed to suggest the possibility (remote as it might seem) that a campaign of television ads featuring apocalyptic warnings from Netanyahu might just frighten enough Jewish, Evangelical and Mormon voters into voting for Romney.  A senior pollster, Patrick Caddell, sallied forth and accepted the challenge of refining the numbers of the survey to the point that Romney’s backers would be convinced to fund the Iranian bomb TV-commercial.

When he served Democrats George McGovern and Jimmy Carter, Caddell was then a highly regarded pollster and pundit, but over time he has morphed into a hawkish Golemesque Troll.  These days, Caddell frequently appears on Fox News in his new role as a two-fisted Democratic Neocon to sound off against the very idea of diplomacy, seeking instead to carpet-bomb the Middle East, to mold and shape the world into the forms appropriate to the American Empire — on steroids fueled by billions of barrels of precious petroleum.

Thus, the last-ditch endgame strategy for an “October Surprise” has been launched.

Binyamin Netanyahu thrust himself into his role as a foreign head of state hell-bent on inciting war between the United States and Iran — regardless of the implications for Israel, the Middle East, the price of oil and the global economy.  What Netanyahu is proposing is nothing less than World War Three.  The consequences could well launch a generation of violence and conflict, a deepening economic depression, a clash of civilizations and a new world radically transformed by an exponential explosion of terrorism.

The story announcing Romney’s apocalyptic strategy surfaced in Israel Hayom, the largest daily newspaper in Jerusalem, owned by the casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson.  Mr. Adelson appears to be a substantial financier of Netanyahu’s political party, Likud, as well as a generous multi-billionaire funding pro-Romney organizations to the tune of circa one hundred million dollars.  Since the bulk of Mr. Adelson’s pharaonic wealth stems from his investments in his casinos in Macau, it will be interesting to see what view the Chinese authorities take of this rapidly evolving diplomatic situation that could impact China’s primary source of energy – Iran.

As if he were eyeless in Gaza, Netanyahu beseeches, “Wait until what?  Wait until when?” – craftily portraying a blissful lack of awareness of all current intelligence reports from Israel, the USA and European allies that Iran does not have a weaponization program for uranium. Many thick and heavy and secret intelligence reports to that effect are now stacked neatly in Netanyahu’s filing cabinets in his prime-ministerial offices.

Meanwhile, Romney grits his teeth to await Caddell’s next set of numbers on his popularity in Florida, while Obama prepares to address the United Nations General Assembly next week alongside Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad.

Now, at this point in the election campaign, American voters can play a very forceful leading role.  A minority will be swayed by the admonitions of Netanyahu, but the majority will take offense at the very thought of a foreign head of state seeking to incite yet another war, another bloodbath, another ten thousand body bags, another ten trillion dollars of national debt, another form of political suicide for an American Empire still spiraling into decline.

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