Election Politics: From Chaos to an Emerging Political Consciousness?


The disintegration of Iowa’s Democratic caucus before the nation’s disbelieving eyes could not be a better metaphor for what some are calling the Evolutionary Shift of the Ages. In a nutshell, a shift in the nature of reality is underway with the dissolution of obsolete institutions that no longer serve a public purpose  as well as a fundamental change in many of our own values and perceptions.    

Given that we are living in a time of extremes, there may be little comfort to consider that the current turmoil and political chaos are not random, disconnected events but part of a larger agenda meant to take humanity to a new level of consciousness that values peace, love, justice and compassion.   Another way to put it is that the old reality of war, disease and poverty are holding on with all the strength it has left against the new reality of Universal awareness.

With a rarefied air of expectation, it is as if Mother Nature is holding her breath, contemplating humanity’s reaction to abandoning an unsustainable world, while a new energetic vibration is pulsing through the planet that war and conflict are obsolete, unacceptable options.

If there was any further need to observe the collapse of American politics, there it was in Iowa in full view, all in its raw, unabashed experience and even for those who  prefer a good football game, it is undeniable that the signs of the US as a dysfunctional country are everywhere,  There is no acknowledgment within the corporate media that these shifts are occurring.

Only the Shadow Knows

Meanwhile, back in Iowa, there was a ‘coding’ error with Shadow Inc., a contract app hired to track caucus results, which failed spectacularly after it screwed up tracking tests just days prior to the caucus. Inexplicably, with only 62% of the vote for the first two days (upgraded to 97%), there is no declared winner with Bernie and Buttigieg in an alleged virtual tie.  There may be no need for the DNC, already discredited in its own right, to step in and save the day as if they have better credibility than Shadow, Inc.  Bernie was probably not expecting his campaign to be undermined so soon except the old reality needed to act quickly and forcefully to control the final outcome before all authority was lost.

According to the NY Times, the Shadow app has a shadowy history. Who would have guessed?  There are conflicting stories that it was developed in a rush two months ago or that a Democratic digital non profit firm ACRONYM ‘launched’ Shadow in 2019.  With ties to HRC’s campaign, ACRONYM, says it is only an investor in Shadow  To further muddy the waters, according to FEC records, Pete Buttigieg donated $42,500 to Shadow prior to the caucus – for what exact purpose remains in the shadows.   With a name like Shadow Inc. there is not much left to the imagination.   

National politics has always been a mostly reliable bell weather for how the country feels about itself; whether its ballot choices accurately reflect public discontent or satisfaction – unless there is tampering with the actual votes.


In April, 2019, I wrote an article on the growing curiosity about who was Mayor Pete of  Indiana and how, for someone with no national following or identity,  was he able to easily rack up an impressive number of first-class media interviews in a short amount of time.   It was obvious from the Get Go that Buttigieg was not your average candidate struggling for recognition, operating on a nickel and dime budget or seeking a campaign network.  He obviously came into the race with big time connections to money and tv – online media   That article is here since those gnawing questions are more pertinent than ever.

Michael Bloomberg

In a recent change, the DNC granted special dispensation of their donor requirement rule to bazillionaire former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  That is the same rule used to keep Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gravel off the debate stage since June.  But that’s all in the past now as the new rule opens up the February 19th debate to allow Bloomberg participation since he is polling at 0% and has no donors.

According to the FEC, Bloomberg made three payments of $106 M to three individual DNC accounts including a $800,000 donation to the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund, a massive influx of money on the same day,  November 19, 2019.  Two days later, Bloomberg filed his Statement of Candidacy for President.   As Bloomberg begins to collect early endorsements, it will be the partisan reactions to his earlier Presidential endorsements that may bring the kind of doom and gloom that no amount of money can assuage including GW Bush, John McCain and  Rudy Giuliani along with his voter registration flip-flops over the years as necessitated by his own political survival. 


With Tulsi inexcusably denied a place on the CNN stage in NH and still in the race, presumably she will be on the stage with Bloomberg on February 19th unless the DNC finagles to keep her off – if that isn’t incentive for Tulsi to stay in the race, I don’t know what is.

It could not be more obvious that the rules were always about; a not-so-skillfully crafted mechanism to deny Tulsi and Gravel a platform or a voice as twenty other Dems with a lack of substance or style were expecting a safe kumbayah moment.  Instead, it was more than just Gabbard’s non-interventionist foreign policy views that plagued her candidacy as much as it was Tulsi’s no-nonsense approach, her authenticity that would not allow her to participate in a so-called debate as if it were a real debate.  Her participation was such a profound challenge to the DNC minions, with all the bantering back and forth, as she consistently displayed the character and personal ethic we should expect of every presidential candidate. 

Given the convergence of global cycles with a transition of cosmic significance which defies a black-white material world explanation, the adage that quantity is no guarantee of quality has applied to the Dem Presidential field in spades

It has been Gabbard alone, emerging with a shifting partisan political consciousness, struggling against the wind, to be heard in the face of yesterday’s relics, old solutions, old models that no longer function in today’s world.   It is a bitter, hard truth that sweeping transformation comes only after dissolution of antiquated patterns and political corruption to create a world model of localized sustainable systems.   


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Renee Parsons  has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.   She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC. Renee is also a student of the Quantum Field and can be reached at #reneedove31. 

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