Elusive Conflict Resolution in Syria
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, May 04, 2017

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Putin - Erdogan, RIA Novosti

Conflict in Syria continues raging. Peace remains elusive because Washington wants war and regime change.

While Putin and Erdogan discussed Syria and other issues in Sochi, Russia, anti-Assad terrorists comprising the Western-sponsored Syrian National Coalition (SNC), an artificial construct walked out of the latest round of Astana, Kazakhstan peace talks.

Its spokesman Ahmad Ramadan said the “delegation…suspend(ed) (participation)…until shelling stops across all Syria” – wrongfully accusing government forces of targeting civilians.

Talks were scheduled to focus on creating “de-escalation zones” in terrorists-held Idlib and Homs provinces, along with Eastern Ghouta near Damascus.

In Sochi, Putin said

“(for) the development of the (Syrian) political process, a ceasefire must be provided…Russia, Turkey and Iran have all the time been thinking of how to secure this practice of a ceasefire. One of the methods is creating safe zones, or de-escalation zones.”

Moscow earlier discussed them with Syria, Iran and Trump when the two leaders spoke on Tuesday, also with Erdogan during his Wednesday meeting with Putin.

Different sides in the Syrian conflict should be the ones to make “the final decision,” Putin stressed. They’re “in charge of the country’s fate.”

Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to be guarantors. Moscow and Ankara concur about “safe zones…lead(ing) to further conciliation and strengthening of the ceasefire regime,” Putin said.

Russia and Tehran are committed for peaceful conflict resolution. Turkey can’t be trusted. Erdogan rules despotically.

Last August, he invaded northern Syria. He wants areas his troops occupy annexed, a prescription for continued conflict, not resolution.

America can never be trusted, saying one thing, doing another, talking peace while waging war on multiple countries, others in its queue to attack.

Putin stressed Russia’s commitment for peaceful conflict resolution. He’ll continue combating terrorism, he said – the scourge America supports.

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