The Electoral College Vote: The Propaganda Campaign against Trump Has Gone Wild
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, December 18, 2016

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The Electoral College of 538 members will meet behind closed doors on December 19 in each of the Fifty States, to cast their ballots. There is no national meeting of the Electoral College. 

Under federal law, “each elector must sign six copies certifying their votes for president and vice president.”

These 6 signed copies (ballots)  are then sent to the following entities: one goes to the president of the Senate, 2 copies to the State’s chief election officers, one to a State level judge and 2 to the National Archives.

It is only on January 6 2017, that the US Congress (Senate and House) presided by Vice President Jo Biden,  officially counts the electoral votes.

The vote count will already be known by a number of officials including Vice President Jo Biden. (And no doubt, selected Wall Street speculators will have advanced knowledge of the results prior to January 6, 2017.)

At the congressional session on January 6:

“Lawmakers can technically object — in writing, with objections signed by at least one House and one Senate member — to individual electoral votes or entire states’ results. If the House and Senate support that objection, the vote or votes in question are thrown out. But that has never happened.”

Reports suggest that the election of Donald Trump is not ensured. At least 20 Electors are considering changing their vote, according to an earlier report.

If 37 electors change their vote, Trump would fall short of the 270 required votes to win the presidency.

Meanwhile, the propaganda campaign against Trump has gone into high gear. The intent is to prevent Trump from acceding to the White House.

On NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) (December 17) which is viewed by millions of Americans, seated at the piano, Hillary Clinton played by Kate McKinnon:

“shows up at an elector’s door with an armful of poster boards “because it’s Christmas,” …

“I know you’re an elector,” she says via the posters. “[see below] And on December 19th, you’re supposed to vote for Donald Trump. …

The subsequent posters were a seemingly endless list of reasons why Trump should not be president as Clinton urged the elector to vote for anyone else.”

Mrs Clinton tells the elector, “you don’t have to vote for me” and offers several other options, including Zendaya, Tom Hanks, the Rock, and an actual rock.

The episode, hosted by Casey Affleck, also included a sketch featuring Alec Baldwin as Mr Trump and John Goodman playing Rex Tillerson, the chairman and chief executive of ExxonMobil who was recently announced as the Trump team’s pick for secretary of state.

It also included a visit from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who came down the chimney into Mr Trump’s office.”

The finale of this SNL charade concludes with the last two posters which read:

If Donald Trump becomes president, “He will kill us all,”


He is an agent of Moscow, “Trump will kill Us All”, says Hillary (Kate McKinnon).

This last message is part of a diabolical and hideous propaganda ploy: the message which enters into the inner consciousness of millions of Americans would be as follows: “If he wants to kill us all,  the College Electors should not vote for  him….”

The objective is clear: denigrate Trump in the eyes of public opinion, put pressure on the College Electors NOT TO VOTE FOR TRUMP on December 19 because he is “sleeping with the enemy”, he is an agent of Moscow. 

A political crisis is in the making which will engulf the whole country.

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