Elections and War. A United Front against War and Totalitarian Government

Political Conditions are Ripe for Intense Qualitative Changes

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Elections ideally are designed to allow voters the opportunity to make “educated decisions” in electing the right representatives. However, in the “democratic” societies, the genuine working people candidates have limited access — if any at all — to reach out and present their platform in the elections. Therefore, voters end up choosing and “electing” only the 1% candidates. This process (which is dominated and controlled by the 1% power and money) is designed to legitimize the anti-working people governing system as “democratic”.

However, under certain political conditions, these “democratic” elections become the pretext in giving birth to a totalitarian government. In other words in politics as in physics or chemistry, under certain conditions, matter through a process of qualitative changes negates itself. For a physicist or chemist working in a lab, these intense transformations and mutations are usual occurrences. However, in the field of social science, these qualitative changes are rare with drastic consequences but possible.

For instance, in Germany, in May 1928, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) get less than a tenth of total votes in the Reichstag (Parliament) elections. More than two years later, in September 1930 election, the same Nazi Party votes increased by up 700 percent! Two years later in July 1932, the Nazi party becomes the largest Party in Germany. Finally, on January 30th, 1933, Hitler is appointed as Chancellor and became the head of the German government which led to WWII.

It is imperative that readers know the aim of reviewing this history is by no means to draw a comparison between the German elections in early 30’s to today’s elections in the U.S. This nominal analogy would be unscientific and meaningless. Besides the rise of Fascism in Germany was solely the direct result of betrayal by the leadership of the two largest parties, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Communist (Stalinist) Party (KPD) of Germany. The attention should be on the fact of how quickly through a series of normal “democratic” elections an undemocratic and totalitarian regime did arise. The goal is to be mindful of this history and prevent a repeat of the same mistakes. When the economic crisis deepens, the 1% in the name of national security — which only means the security of their own power and wealth — would take off their pretentious “democratic” mask, reveal their true nature and govern with the iron fist.

In less than 11 weeks, the American people will be at the polls to elect their candidates. However, not all voters realize that their vote in the next election or elections thereafter is a vote for war and political repression. American people are bombarded with the Pro or Anti Trump slogans. The “Pundits” are running their mouths overtime these days to convince the voters how important it is to win the majority in the house. Some forecast that a “Blue Wave” in the 2018 Midterm Election is looking more and more likely to give Democrats a comfortable majority in the House; meanwhile Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist to President Trump, warns the GOP that “you’re going to get smoked” if you play by “the traditional Republican playbook”! No one bothers to explain how working people would benefit if the Democratic or Republican Party wins the majority in the House. Would dire issues, such as; the Minimum Wage, Healthcare, Immigration, DACA, the Environment and the rapid problem of Homelessness in America be discussed in the House in order to be resolved once and for all?

True Peace activists should analytically look at the international political situation first. In regard to the upcoming election, for those who seek a long-lasting Peace, the understanding of the role of the United States outside of her borders is essential. Domestic dramas are endless and are designed to distract working people from the unvarnished truth. Mr. Mueller or Mr. Giuliani, Mrs. Conway or Mrs. Omarosa and other characters alike, can entertain us for years but none of them will ever question the creeping censorship that is suffocating the voices of freedom in the U.S. or stand up against selling the weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia and Israel who are killing innocent children with impunity. Nor do they care about poisonous foods that the powerful firms are producing for the mass consumption; or the factories that are polluting our water and air. It is the duty of hard-working people to end these out of control economic plundering, cruel injustices and insane wars.

A united front against war and totalitarianism is possible. It is a lot easier for the different forces and organizations to unite when all are under attack and have to defend themselves. It is just the question of understanding and will. The Trump administration with its Dollar Diplomacy is sanctioning America’s “friend and foe” in hope to regain the U.S. global hegemony. The U.S. cannot compete with China in producing goods since American capitalists have left their offices in the factories a long time ago and became the speculative financier of Wall Street. That is why war and sanctions are their weapons of choice. But while wars and sanctions are breaking the victim nations apart, like a double bladed sword they are also hurting American working families. It is the hard-working people who are paying $250 Million a day to cover the cost of these insane wars abroad. The 1% is the only section of the American society that benefits from wars. It is time for Peace activists and democratic-minded people to utilize their forces independent of the major parties and energetically participate in the upcoming elections to challenge the 1% candidates against all the U.S. military wars abroad and the internal war against the working people.

Political conditions are ripe for intense qualitative changes. The question is if the 99% is able to create a conscious leadership on time.


Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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