Economic Genocide
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 09, 2013

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by Eva Human
It’s not the left, it’s not the right
it’s war-mongers on every side,
who led us down the path of doom
yes, you and I can feel the gloom.
It is our common culture of greed,
and selfishness that brought us the heat
of economic genocide,
we might no longer turn the tide
that now is leading down the path
where we can clearly feel the wrath
of homeless, hopeless people who
see no more options what to do
to live an ordinary life
and survive.
It’s neither Bush nor is it Obama
who were the creators of this drama
Banks, corporations of the empire
it was them that set the fire,
destroying livelihoods at home and abroad
yes, this is not what the media taught.
Liberals, conservatives are all the same
playing essentially the empire’s game
of shoveling wealth from the poor to the rich
using every deliberate glitch
of the banking system for their plans
of getting everything into their hands.
Is there a way out?
Yes, I say it aloud,
although it seems quite clear
you might not want to hear.
It’s so much easier to blame
everything on Obama’s game.
Although the truth will bring you pain
eventually only by truth you will gain
a realistic sliver of hope
to get one day off the slithering slope
that leads to a destructive and a horrible fate
within a brutal dictatorial state.
Whatever the future will bring and will be
It is only the truth, that will set us free!
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