“Don’t Become A Pharma Guinea Pig”: The FDA Gives Greenlight to Experimental Moderna Covid Vaccine
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, December 21, 2020

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The Trump regime, its FDA, Pharma, and press agent media are playing fast and loose with human health.

On Thursday, the FDA authorized emergency use of Moderna’s experimental covid vaccine after doing the same for Pfizer days earlier.

The FDA did not approve these fast-tracked, experimental, hazardous to human health vaccines for human use.

It issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) to begin mass-vaxxing when the “emergency” claimed to exist is invented, not real.

The public is repeatedly and consistently lied to by politicians, Pharma, and establishment media — human health and welfare jeopardized by their actions.

The FDA’s EUA lets Pharma use unwitting Americans as guinea pigs for a high-risk, widespread human experiment that may turn out badly.

Ignored is that widely available, low-cost hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc is highly effective in treating and curing covid when taken early after infection is diagnosed.

And so is ivermectin.

In congressional testimony, Dr. Pierre Kory said “mountains” of data on the FDA-approved drug shows it’s safe and effective in treating covid.

“If you take it, you will not get sick,” he stressed.

There’s a “solution” to what’s going on. “There is a drug that is proving to be of miraculous impact.”

“And when I say ‘miracle,’ I do not use that term lightly.”

Ivermectin “obliterates (covid) transmission.”

“I’m a lung specialist…an ICU specialist.”

“Early treatment is key. We need to offload the hospitals.”

When used as directed, ivermectin “prevents the (need for) hospitalization.”

Testimony by Kory fell on deaf ears, evidence presented by other medical and scientific experts in their writing and public remarks also ignored.

On December 13, Thailand Medical News (TMN) said the following about ivermectin:

When used “to treat COVID-19 in various stages of the disease (it’s) a more viable and proven option despite strong opposition from groups with vested interest in America and Europe.”

TMN cited a study conducted by researchers from Clinica Universidad de Navarra-Spain, ISGlobal and Inselspital.

“(P)ositive results from (their) trials showed that ivermectin merits being used to treat” covid.

A trial in India also had positive results, TMN reported.

“(N)umerous…observational clinical trials trials showed” ivermectin to be safe and effective in treating patients severe and milder covid symptoms.

“However, there was a concerted effort by the big pharmaceutical companies and even government authorities in America and Europe to ensure that cheaper repurposed generic drugs, herbs and supplements were never promoted to treat COVID-19 as they preferred to promote new expensive drugs that had no efficacy but were in fact toxic as there were financial gains for all vested parties,” said TMN.

According to general counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Mary Holland:

“To imagine that Moderna’s unlicensed COVID vaccine, tested for under a year, will be safe is wishful thinking.”

“There’s a reason vaccine producers insist on blanket indemnification from injuries and deaths” — because many occur after vaxxing that go largely unreported.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act give Pharma blanket immunity from liability for their vaccines — to assure their widespread use.

According to Public Citizen, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) owns a 50% stake in Moderna’s experimental covid vaccine.

Under a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) contract, the Pentagon will buy 500 million doses of Moderna’s experimental covid vaccine for $9 billion — a bonanza for the company before an EUA was issued.

According to infectious disease expert Dr. Tal Brosh, experimental mRNA covid vaccines have “unique and unknown risks,” including inflammatory responses that may cause autoimmune diseases.

Both Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines contain polyethylene glycol (PEG) that risks possible severe adverse reactions.

Moderna publicly admitted that use of PEG in its covid vaccine “could lead to significant adverse events in one or more of our clinical trials.”

Rushed development of now available Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines circumvented longstanding protocol by skipping animal testing.

Months earlier, Children’s Health Defense warned followers of its reports to “beware the Moderna vaccine.”

The same warning applies to Pfizer’s entry into the covid vaccine sweepstakes.

Both are fast-tracked, inadequately tested, experimental vaccines that risk possible widespread adverse events from their use.

Highly touted vaccines to the rescue don’t work as promoted.

Despite years of research, no safe and effective coronavirus vaccines were ever developed.

No credible evidence suggests things changed with the availability of experimental vaccines Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

As the saying goes, buyers beware.

Stay safe, not sorry, by refusing to be a Pharma guinea pig.


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