The Doctrine of Cyber Manipulation

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, stated at a conference at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) that:

“the dominance of the United States that determined the international agenda after the Cold War, it is over and will not be restored during the life of the next generation, “adding that” none of the world powers can achieve world hegemony under current conditions, so the United States must better choose the conflicts in which it will participate now. that the consequences of a mistake could be devastating”.

Brzezinski, AP PhotoBrzezinski, author of the book “The great world board. The United States’ supremacy and its geostrategic imperatives ”(1997), considered the White House geostrategic Bible as well as the leading book of the successive generations of geostrategists and political scientists, would have taken record of the beginning of the decline of the USA Empire, stating that“ it is true that our dominant position in international politics is not the same as it was 20 years ago, since since 1991 the United States, in its status as world power, has not won a single war ”, so in its opinion“ to States United, the time has come to understand that the contemporary world is much more complicated and more anarchic than in the last years after the Cold War, with which the accentuation of our values as well as the conviction in our exceptionalism and universalism, are at the less premature from the historical point of view ”. Following on from his thesis on US decline, in a speech at a Council on Foreings Relations (CFR) meeting, Carter’s former adviser warned that “US domination was no longer possible due to an acceleration of driven social change. for the instantaneous communication that has brought about the universal awakening of the political consciousness of the masses (Global Political Awakening) and that is proving detrimental to external domination such as that which prevailed in the era of colonialism and imperialism ”.

The doctrine of cyber manipulation

This control would have begun after the Second World War with the implementation of the ECHELON program (the largest spy and analysis network to intercept electronic communications in history) and whose existence was denounced in 1976 by Winslow Peck and later verified by the European Parliament in 2001. Said “Strategic Telecommunications Control” was in the hands of the UKUSA community (United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand) and would control more than three billion communications every day and includes automatic analysis and classification of interceptions that they would be used for economic espionage in addition to the invasion of privacy, later being renamed the Alliance of Five, based in the facilities of the GCHQ (Government Headquarters for Communications) based at the RAF base in Menwith Hill ( England) and having as a motto “He who has nothing to fear has nothing to hide.”

For his part, Brzezinski, in an article published in the Foreign Affairs magazine (1970), exposes his vision of the “New World Order” by affirming that “a new and bolder vision is necessary with the creation of a community of developed countries that they can effectively deal with the broad problems of humanity “, outlines of a theory that he will outline in his book” Between Two Ages: The Role of the United States in the Technotronical Era “(1971), where he explains that the era of rebalancing has arrived world power, power that must pass into the hands of a new global political order based on a trilateral economic link between Japan, Europe and the United States.

In the aforementioned book “Between two Ages,” (19.71), he also advocates “by stating that” the techotronical era involves the gradual emergence of a more controlled and elite-dominated society without the restrictions of traditional values, so it will soon be possible to ensure almost continuous surveillance of each citizen and keep up-to-date the complete files that contain even the most personal information about the citizen, files that will be subject to the instantaneous recovery of the authorities, ”which would already announce the subsequent implementation of the PRISM program. This program would be a tool to monitor the communications of non-US citizens through their metadata and become a true virtual monster that would have extended its tentacles to the servers of companies such as Google, Apple, Micros Eloft, AOL, Facebook and Yahoo, approved by the US Congress at the request of the Bush Administration in 2007 but which continued apathetic inertia under Obama’s mandate and as a culmination to the drift of cybernetic mass control, the scandal of the so-called “affaire Spyon” of the NSA.

Internet censorship

After the attempt to control the cloud through secret programs such as the aforementioned PRISM Program, in the coming years we will witness the end of the democratization of information (following the path taken by the so-called “totalitarian countries“, through the imposition of laws that prohibit the use of certain terms to continue with the implementation of filters on ISP servers, which would be the paradigm of the SmartFilter manufactured by the US company Secure Computing. Thus, according to a study by the OpenNet organization (made up of the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Toronto), 25 countries would exercise censorship of websites with “dangerous” political or social content and would also prevent access to applications such as YouTube or Google Maps using sophisticated censorship methods thanks to the collaboration of Western companies.

On the other hand, the need to escape the control of the Big Brother in networks such as Yootube, Twitter or Facebook would have led a minority to use the TOR network, also known as Dark web and created by advocates of free software to protect the identity of users. This network would have initially had the blessings of Western governments to allow access to the Internet in “totalitarian countries” but after the jihadist attacks in Paris, the TOR Network was being monitored and filtered by Western security agencies. This would have forced users to use the Telegram application en masse as its contents are encrypted, since groups of up to 200 contacts can be formed and secret chats can be used where propaganda material self-destructs with the consequent difficulty of Western secret services to access their contents.

China and the Big Brother

The ban on downloading Plague Inc. for IOS in all Chinese territory would be the penultimate episode to impose a total censorship on the information about the coronavirus on the Internet by the Chinese Politburo. Thus, China demands to eliminate encrypted messages on WhatsApp and Telegram, restrictive measures that have as a collateral effect the impossibility of open access (Opens Access) to the contents of the Network for Chinese citizens as the Internet becomes an exclusive tool for political elites , economic and Chinese military. In a new attempt to preserve the anonymity of users on the Net, we witnessed the appearance of VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, tools that hide the identity of users and allow us to maintain communication with any country in the world free of surveillance, what would be paradigm the young Chinese blogger Chen Qiushi in unknown whereabouts who was in charge of x-ray Wuhan’s anguish through his videos posted on YouTube through VPNs, which would have prompted China to impose rules for user access to these tools.

In addition, the Chinese government has resorted to technology giants in its attempt to monitor coronavirus infections in real time, and according to the Reuters agency, the giant Alibaba has launched a function that assigns a color QR code that would represent the state of health of residents in Hanfzhou. After completing a questionnaire, residents receive a color-based QR code through the DingTalk chat application administered by Alibaba and, according to the corresponding color, must take the prophylactic measures prescribed in that application. This, together with the implementation of the Internet firewall and the huge deployment of surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence for facial recognition of people even with masks (200 million cameras) as well as the use of police drones, will make China the Big Brother that will monitor all Chinese citizens in real time (Big Brother).


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