Do Not Delegate the Solution of Humanity’s Problems to Politicians!

Full-headed Adults Look Up to Politicians Like Children

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Every year, trusting citizens elect politicians with little professional and life experience to high government offices and then regard them as respectable authorities. Politicians immediately associate this attribution with claims to power, create a relationship of superiority and subordination and impose their will on the citizens; more precisely, the will or instructions of their clients, the global power elite. In doing so, they become accomplices of merciless exploiters of their own citizens.

Most adults look up to these politicians like children. And this has consequences: Belief in authority inevitably leads to obedience to authority, which usually triggers the reflex of absolute mental obedience and paralysis of the mind. Adults can then no longer think for themselves and judge rationally, and hand over decision-making power to professional politicians. But these – perhaps with a few exceptions – are not really interested in and capable of solving humanity’s problems. They only have their career and their good supply in mind.

Those in power cannot be trusted, neither today nor in the future.

The Russian writer Lev Nikolayevich Count Tolstoy (1828 to 1910) wrote in his political pamphlets at the beginning of the last century that this was no accident:

“One could still justify the subordination of a whole people to a few people if those who governed were the best people; but this is not the case, has never been the case and can never be the case. The worst, most insignificant, most cruel, most immoral and especially the most mendacious people often rule. And that this is so is no accident.” (1)

Key political positions are filled with incompetent professional politicians

The past year and a half has given us a visual lesson that more than confirms Tolstoy’s assessment. Unfortunately, we have almost become accustomed to politicians lying and cheating the citizens through their teeth. Whether we look at the global Corona scandal, the simmering US-NATO conflict with Russia or the EU-wide anti-family agitation against Hungary as examples.

Most politicians have lied to us citizens about the Corona scandal, which they themselves brought about and which shook civil societies to their foundations, and have also enriched themselves outrageously financially from the crisis. Powerful financial institutions corrupted them with millions to force their own citizens into mass quarantine (lockdown); further millions flowed in insider deals. It was not only the billionaire tech giants and big pharma that made “lavish money”, but also above-average ministers, MPs and their hired “experts” and “consultants”.

A similar picture emerges when looking at the conflict between the US-NATO and Russia. You don’t have to be a historian to see the role played by the US-NATO, the US President, who is in very poor health, and many European governments since the Ukraine coup in 2014. The US-NATO is doing everything possible at the moment to provoke Russia, crossing predefined “red lines”. It is a high-risk game with fire. One can therefore only hope (and pray) that this conflict does not degenerate into open war.

But the western vassals of the USA see the problem solely with Russian President Putin. At the same time, the USA openly admits that it is still striving for a change of government in Russia. The psychological warfare against Russia and its president is already in full swing. The peoples of Europe alone do not want war.

Finally, when a government wants to protect its youth from irritating and harmful influences and to continue to rely on outdated values so that the growing generation can develop healthily and naturally, the government and the people are subjected to anti-family agitation. What Russia has already experienced is currently being experienced by the government and people of Hungary.

Right at the forefront is the German EU Commission President. After an unprecedented jockeying for position, according to many political observers, a professional politician was given the presidential job who completely failed as a former German defence minister, even though she signed countless consultancy contracts worth millions.

The guild of psychologists and psychiatrists contributes to the irritation of the citizens

What particularly saddens me is the observation that representatives of my own guild contribute to the superficial and false assessment of politicians and thus disinform and irritate the citizens. As a psychologist and psychotherapist of many years’ standing, I am of the opinion that the personality and the political work of a politician – for example, of the calibre of the German Chancellor – cannot be psychologically assessed and evaluated in such a way as if this person were merely a narcissistic or unstable or lonely or decisionally weak or aged being.

This in no way captures the personality and actions of a political actor or actress. The decisive factors are family background, previous professional and life experience, political career, ideological attitude and, above all, existing or past political dependencies and possible forms of external political control by outside services. Otherwise, we are moving at kindergarten level.

Do not hand over power to anyone!

So if we as free citizens want to participate in the solution of the upcoming human issues or problems, then we must not delegate this responsible task to unsuitable and incompetent politicians, but must courageously take it into our own hands. In this sense: do not hand over power to anyone!


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Dr Rudolf Hänsel is a qualified psychologist and educationalist.


(1) Tolstoy, L. N. (1983). Speech against war. Political pamphlets. Frankfurt am Main, p. 74

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