Did Al-Zarqawi Really Bomb Amman?
By Dr. Elias Akleh
Global Research, November 15, 2005
15 November 2005
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Most people believe that Al-Zarqawi sent four suicide bombers, including husband and wife, to Amman to bomb three hotels “centers for launching war on Islam” and “a backyard for the enemies of faith. the Jews and the crusaders” as claimed on the webpage of Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

As in Iraq the bombing succeeded in killing only Arabs, who happen to be Sunni Moslems, the group Al-Zarqawi claims to defend in Iraq. 

“The bombing came in response to the conspiracy against the Sunnis” in Iraq, Al-Qaeda webpage stated.

Al-Zarqawi is a myth created by American psychological operation to benefit the colonial expansion of the “American/Israeli/British Triad” in the Arab World. Accusing Al-Zarqawi of Amman’s bombing is just a cover up for a more sinister political assassination.

Al-Zarqawi was declared killed by the Americans during their invasion of Afghanistan. Then suddenly he re-appeared in Iraq to stage car bombings that killed only Iraqis rather than Americans, Al-Zarqawi’s real enemies. 

Now it is claimed that Al-Zarqawi’s terror is spilling over to the neighboring Arab countries. 

Al-Zarqawi is just a cover name for terror operations perpetrated by the “American/Israeli/British Triad” to perpetuate its myth of “war against Islamic global terrorists” as a cover front for their war against the Arab World.

After the collapse of the communist enemy – the Soviet Union- the American administration could not justify any more spending for its military budget. The American economy is characterized by the dominant role of the military industrial complex.. To boost its military industry and its economy – and for the military and intelligence organizations to survive- a new threatening enemy was  needed. The attack of September 11 was orchestrated, and the Islamic jihadist terrorists and clash of civilizations were invented.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Abu Mus’ab Al-Zarqawi are necessities for the “Triad” to justify its existence in Iraq. “Triad’s” operatives would establish terrorist cells made by mercenaries and misguided and brain-washed Arab and Moslem young enthusiasts believed that they are joining Al-Qaeda.

Terror attacks were perpetrated against civilians generally in Islamic countries and specifically throughout the Arab World to entrench the myth of global terror in the minds of nations, especially Western nations, and to justify American interference in the affairs of other countries under the guise of helping these countries investigate terror attacks, and to provide them with American manufactured tools and weapons to combat terrorists, thus flourishing American military industries. Faced with a uni-polar global super power, many countries, cowardly, hastened to flock under the wings of the American eagle, rather than standing for international laws and justice.

Even the UN has now become totally enslaved by the US and functions as a tool to produce resolutions to penalize any country, who dares to oppose or ignore the American policy of “either with us or with the terrorists”. Syria, Iran and N. Korea are clear evidence of this UN enslavement.

Amman’s bombings were immediately claimed as the work of Al-Zarqawi, although he allegedly specializes in car bombings rather than suicide bombers with belt explosives.

To reinforce this accusation, a webpage allegedly belonging to Al-Qaeda in Iraq, claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The webpage claimed that the bombings were launched after becoming

“… confident that (the hotels) are centers for launching war on Islam and support the crusaders’ presence in Iraq and the Arab peninsula and the presence of the Jews on the land of Palestine… They also were a secure place for the filthy Israeli and Western tourists to spread corruption and adultery at the expense and suffering of Moslems.”

Yet the bombings did not kill a single Israeli,  who according to a report published in Haaretz had been evacuated prior  to the blast and escorted back to Israel. One American died. The bomb attack succeeded in killing innocent Jordanian Arab Sunni Moslems.

Jordanian intelligence (Mukhabarat) hastened to look for the “missing” wife terrorist, who was claimed to have detonated herself in the hotel. It was surprisingly suspicious that the Jordanian Mukhabarat, who knew nothing about the attack, had within a few hours arrested this missing wife, who could have effectively disappeared in any corner of Jordan.

To assert the fabricated suicide bomber story, a 35 year old Iraqi woman (Sajida Al-Rishawi), claimed to be the sister of Al-Zarqawi’s right hand man who was killed by the American forces in Iraq, was paraded on the Jordanian television to confess of her role in the hotel suicide bombings. To emphasize the inhumane brutality of the Al-Zarqawi she was make sure to tell the world that she and her partners did not care about the lives of innocent people in the hotel. She said “There was a wedding in the hotel. There were women and children.” To reiterate this idea Jordan King Abdullah considered Jordanians to be the main target of the bombings in an interview on NBC addressing the world in general, and the Jordanians in specific, he said: “This was nothing to do with the West. This targeted Jordanian citizens … innocent men, women and children.”

Sajida’s confession contradicted the statement of Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Marwan Moasher. She stated

“My husband detonated (the bomb) and I tried to explode my belt but it wouldn’t”.

Moasher said she (Sajida) failed to blow up her explosives charge and “Her husband asked her to leave the wedding party. Once she did he detonated himself successfully.”

It seems that both were reading from two different scripts.

The Jordanians identified Safah Mohammad Ali as one of the alleged bombers. Ali was captured by the American forces in November, 2004 when they attacked the Iraqi Sunni city of Falluja flattening civilian homes and using chemical weapons (white phosphorus and upgraded napalm bombs) to obliterate resistance fighters, innocent women, children, old people, and even all the animals in the city. Ali was identified, then, as a fighter in the Black Banners Brigade. He could have been detained in any one of the American torture prisons, such as Abu Ghraib. There is no explanation of how he could have escaped from detention and traveled undetected to Amman to detonate himself in a hotel.

Pictures of the bombing of the Hyatt and Radisson hotels show a devastating damage to the ceilings of the halls. How could a suicide bomber, strapped with an explosive belt, cause such damage to the ceilings. The explosives should cause damage to the floor and the walls of the hall rather than the ceiling. The logical conclusion would be that the bombs were implanted in the ceilings rather than carried by a suicide bomber. The suicide bombers story was created and spun to cover up the real crime.

The real targets of the bombings were Palestinian high ranking officials and Chinese military personnel.

The commander of the Palestinian West Bank intelligence Chief Basheer Nafe’, his deputy Abid Allouni, the Commercial Attaché at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo Jihad Fattoh, the brother of Palestinian Legislative Council speaker Rawhi Fattoh, and Mus’ab Kharma deputy chairman of Cairo-Amman Bank in Palestinian territory. The Chinese victims were three “students” from China’s University of National Defense. It was reported that these “students” were members of a delegation invited by the Royal Jordanian National Defense College on an academic exchange program. They were staying at the bombed Days Inn. It is interesting to note that these “students” were not young, but were over 40 years old. It was reported that these Chinese “students” were meeting with the Palestinian officials when they all were killed by the bombing.

It seems that the Chinese government had considered the killing of their citizens as a serious matter and believed they have been deliberately targeted. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website had warned all Chinese organizations throughout the world to take necessary measures to ensure security of life and property.

It is no secret that the Chinese government sympathizes with the Palestine cause as stated by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in November 2004 when he stated that “The restoration of the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights, including the right to statehood, should be the primary objective of the efforts to resolve the Middle Ease issue.” At a UN meeting held in Beijing in December 2003 to discuss the issue of Palestine, China had worked actively through diplomatic channels to promote peace in the Middle East. It also provided humanitarian assistance to Palestinians. During a press conference in January 2004 Peter Hansen, commissioner-general of UNRWA for Palestinian Refugees expressed his grateful to China, who had increased its contribution to the agency’s budget. Last November the Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu, special envoy of Hu Jintao, attended the funeral of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The Chinese were also present during the Palestinian election last January as international observers to guarantee a fair and free election and to prevent any obstacle Israel may use to block the election.

During May 1995 the newly elected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas traveled to China to meet with leaders, including President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, and State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan, in an attempt to improve relationship between the two countries including economic assistance, and to increase political efforts to push forward the Middle East peace process. The two parties signed five documents of cooperation between them including China-Palestine agreement of economic and technological cooperation, agreement of economic cooperation, and trade and technological cooperation.

Israel considers this Chinese support to Palestinians is a threat to its interests that must put an end to. The Amman bombing was meant to be a warning message to the Chinese. To kill two birds in one stone and to direct the blame towards terrorist Al-Zarqawi, Israeli operatives targeted not just the Palestinian and the Chinese officials, but also innocent civilians to hide the real target of its operation.

Dr. Elias Akleh is an Arab writer of Palestinian descent, born in the town of Beit-Jala. He lives in the US.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article.