Deployment of British Trident “Nuclear Deterrent” Subject to Approval by Trump [and Family]
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, September 10, 2017

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Renewal of the so-called Trident nuclear deterrent is a political decision not a military one and is being driven by political considerations rather than the actual requirement of Britain’s national defence. Furthermore, any actual deployment of ICBMs would, in practice, require the approval of the US president i.e. currently Donald Trump, his family and his Likud-leaning Congress.  Britain would require prior authority from Washington who in turn would probably seek advice from non-NATO member, Israel.

As the UK becomes increasingly vulnerable [allegedly] to threat from international terrorism, the so-called Trident [submarine-launched], nuclear deterrent should now be scrapped and replaced with 21st century, NATO sourced, military technology to defend our people and our shores – technology that is not dependent on the political agenda of a foreign state, either across the Atlantic or the Red Sea.

Unfortunately, European security has already been dangerously compromised by German Chancellor Merkel’s unilateral decision to supply Israel with a nuclear-ready submarine fleet having a second-strike capability but the European Parliament and Commission were never consulted. Furthermore, the state of Israel is not a party to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) nor the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions that banned the use of such weapons more than 20 years ago.

Netanyahu’s brand of Revisionist Zionism treats Chancellor Merkel and all Evangelical Christians as ‘useful idiots’ to be exploited for Israel’s political and military purposes. As a consequence, the evangelical German Chancellor and the allegedly corrupt Israeli prime minister have managed to irrevocably alter the global balance of power to satisfy their own political and religious agendas.

Britain’s national defence now needs to be put in the sole hands of our own elected Parliament as opposed to the US Congress or other foreign legislature.

Note: Angela Merkel was born nine years after WW2, on 17 July 1954, and has been German Chancellor since 2005. Being of Polish Lutheran ancestry she is a staunch member of the Evangelical Church of Berlin. 

In a speech to the Knesset in 2008, she declared that:

“Israel’s security was and Is a very important matter for every German Chancellor – and so it will be in the future, too. My statement must be understood in a very comprehensive way. It is frequently reduced to the military aspect, but it refers to an entirely fundamental commitment to Israel’s security. We are certainly not neutral.”

However, Merkel’s political agenda is based on her evangelical religious belief that requires all Jews to be baptised into the Church of Christ. It is, of course, a dangerous nonsense into which Britain should never have allowed itself to be drawn.

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