Depleted Uranium is “blowing in the wind”

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US Government kills its own soldiers….and us….and lies…and signs deals

Bob Dylan’s prophecy in “Blowing in the wind” has eventually come true. The most powerful killing machine on earth-the US government-has unleashed a weapon that is slowly killing its own troops, its own civilians….and civilians the world over. And we are still unable to look beyond the joke that our media is.

Beyond treason

The Veterans Administration (VA) that deals with the problems of returning soldiers in the United States of America (USA), a country whose President is due to land in our capital soon to sign nuke-deals with Indian neocons and who also happens to be the Supreme Commander of the US Forces, has determined that 250,000 troops are now permanently disabled, 15,000 troops are dead and over 425,000 troops are ill and slowly dying from what the Department of Defense still calls a “mystery disease.” The supine media in the western countries, especially US, UK and Australia, calls it Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), something not much to be worried about and not worth even a few lines, forget about headlines. The question posed by responsible citizens of the USA, not necessarily those in the current administration, is “How many more will have to die before action is taken?”

We, the poor Asians know that perhaps no action will be taken by our Governments because too few have died, and it is not even known why they died. But conscientious Americans are raising serious questions that can’t be easily answered by the current administration. What our conscientious objectors, particularly of the leftist hue, are doing is another matter: actually, we may join as 53rd or 55th state of one country soon, with highly “depleted” population.

How many will have to die before the US Government knows that too many people have died? For, if the questions are ever answered truthfully, powerful men and women would be tried for treason….possibly for committing acts that are beyond treason for which some scientists are already using terms like “democide” and “omnicide”…mass annihilation of species. And this time the targeted specie is the homo sapiens.

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium is blowing in the wind. There is overwhelming evidence that GWS is actually radiation poisoning of Iraqi civilians as well as US soldiers and all those who have ever worked in last four or five wars: Kosovo, Gulf War I, Afghanistan and Gulf War II. In fact the GWS was a euphemism for DU contaminated veterans of the first Gulf War (1990-91) but the media had blanked this fact out. Discussions with Ms Leuren Moret, a radiation expert who once worked at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL is the lab where the first nuclear bomb was developed and the Internet was invented), revealed that the United States (and its allies) have dropped enough depleted uranium, from Gulf War 1 to the Iraq war, that is equivalent to 440,000 Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs.

In a letter to Congressman McDermott (US Congress), dated 21st February, 2003, Leuren made this submission: 

      “Depleted uranium dust will continue to be an extreme hazard to soldiers, civilians, populations in countries downwind6,8, and the environment as a radiological contaminant to all living systems for ten half-lives or 45 BILLION years.”

And further….”The pyrophoric effect of depleted uranium, which spontaneously burns when heated to 170 C (once it is fired) and on impact, effectively forms very large numbers of extremely fine (0.1 micron) and submicroscopic particles as small as 0.001 micron or 10 Ångstroms as described in the memo. Particles in this size range behave like a gas when inhaled, disperse in the lungs to the blood lung barrier where the white blood cells (greater than 7microns in diameter) engulf the tiny particles of depleted uranium and carry them throughout the body. Once these particles have been engulfed by blood cells or lodged in tissues, they may not be detectable in the urine. Contaminated personnel will take the depleted uranium home, deposited in tissues throughout their bodies. 

”…….There is no known treatment for exposure.”

“…….The long-term effects have revealed that DU (uranium oxide) is a virtual death sentence.”

(The submissions are)..“powerful scientific information to counter false statements recently made by the White House1 and the DOD2.”

The fact is that the United States and its military partners (particularly Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia) have staged four nuclear wars, ‘slipping nukes under the wire’ by using dirty bombs and dirty weapons in countries the US needs to control. And in the hit list India is one; India is being set up.

“Depleted uranium aerosols will permanently contaminate vast regions and slowly destroy the genetic future of populations living in those regions, where there are resources which the US must control, in order to establish and maintain American (supremacy),” says Leuren.

The Gulf War heroes from all 27 coalition countries are suffering. It is predicted that they will slowly die of “unknown causes.” They are waiting for answers from their respective governments… but no satisfying or even credible answers have come forth from the military establishment.  Records spanning fifteen years point to negligence and even culpability on the part of the U.S. Department of Defense and the strategy of the ruling elite to use “disposable army”, like toilet paper.

Regions affected

Leuren and her colleagues have identified the regions of the world that are affected by DU contamination and include Northwest India, including J&K, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Western Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Regions within 1000 mile radius of Afghanistan and Iraq are severely affected by DU contamination (See map).

There will be explosive growth in radiation induced illnesses across all affected regions. We are now living with DU poisoning in Delhi and we don’t even know it. And, there is no known cure for DU contamination.

“The concept of species annihilation means a relatively swift, deliberately induced end to history, culture, science, biological reproduction and memory. It is the ultimate human rejection of the gift of life, an act which requires a new word to describe it: omnicide.” (Dr. Rosalie Bertell, one of the 46 international radiation expert authors of the ECRR report).

“Map of regions within a 1000 mile radius of Baghdad and Afghanistan which have been contaminated with depleted uranium since 1991. Depleted uranium dust will be repeatedly recycled throughout this dry region, and also carried around the world. More than ten times the amount of radiation, released during atmospheric testing, has been released from depleted uranium weaponry since 1991. In 2002 the US government admitted that every person living in the US between 1957 and 1963 was internally contaminated with radiation.” (Leuren Moret)

What the US and its allies have done is set western India on to certain annihilation. Dr. Keith Baverstock, a WHO radiation expert, co-authored a report in November 2001, warning that the long-term health effects of DU would endanger Iraq’s civilian population, and that the dry climate would increase exposure from the tiny particles blowing around and be inhaled for years to come. WHO refused to publish the study, bowing to pressure from the IAEA. Dr. Baverstock released the damning report to the media in February 2004.

With extensive use of depleted uranium, the US and its allies have not only destroyed the lives of their own soldiers and civilians, but of peaceful people around the war zones who had nothing to do with their illegal wars. The question is why have the US and its allies taken this murderous step? May be 45 billion years later the survivors would ask the question and get the answer.

When one thinks of the harsh truth that a time bomb is ticking within our bodies, one wonders what the Indian media were doing all these years. It has been known that if one breathes even one molecule of DU, how and when it will destroy one’s body and mind can’t be predicted. No wonder, probably not one Indian journalist went to Afghanistan or Iraq to report the truth. Not one newspaper, not one TV channel informed the Indians of the true consequences of the Afghanistan and Gulf Wars and the utter criminality of the US government and its allies in these countries. Is there a single secular journalist, politician or bureaucrat who raised the issue of DU contamination? Not one, I guess.

Instead, the Indian governments since 1999 have been courting the US and the present government is rolling a red carpet to receive a President who is a mass murderer and whose hands will soon be soaked with innocent Indian blood. Ten American CEOs are accompanying the Prezzy, hundreds of deals will be signed, and billions will change hands.

Is there yet another conspiracy of silence on this issue of survival? And if there is one, the ruling elite living in the square mile of Delhi, from where they control one billion people, should know that we are all breathing the same air and that air is contaminated with depleted uranium.

Yes and how many years can a people exist,

Before they’re allowed to be free?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

The answer is blowing in the wind…..

Arun Shrivastava MA, MBA, CMC, is an accredited management consultant and researcher. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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