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Escalated US-Led Sanctions War on China
Saudi Arabia’s “Renewed Peace Push” in Yemen Is Welcome, but Incomplete
Video: Saudi War on Yemen. Six-year Epic Failure: Riyadh’s Crusade on Sana’a
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COVID-19 Vaccine Tested on Babies Even as Death Toll Mounts. Greatest Public Health Calamity in Modern History
New Research Points to Link Between AstraZeneca Vaccine and Blood Clots
Germany: Whistleblower Says Seven of 31 Nursing Home Residents Died Immediately after Forced Pfizer mRNA Shots
Want a Job? Get a Shot!
“Lockdown Children’s Rights”: We Are Killing the Souls of Our Children!
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Harp Seal Pups in Trouble in Quebec Due to Low Sea Ice
Unnamed Western Officials Spread Dubious Claims About Iran
Uneasy Russia-Turkey Relations Are at Risk of Deteriorating
North Macedonia Spends Big on American-made Armoured Vehicles Despite Poverty Crisis
Israelis Cry Out to the World to Stop Mandatory COVID Injections as Lawsuit Is Filed in International Criminal Court Over Nuremberg Code Violation
The “Great Reset”: Will There be Food on the Table?
31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine
The Insanity of the PCR Testing Saga
Humanity Will Not be Saved by Vaccines. “Hunger is Caused by Poverty and Inequality”
Coming to the Playing Field: Biden Puts Australia First. “Buttering Up” Allies against China
The Welcome Thaw in India-Pakistan Relations Is Backed by Pakistan’s Army Too
“The Chicken Little” Act Isn’t Working – COVID Mania Is Wearing Off. Resistance is Unfolding
The American Terror State
Israeli Knesset Elections: Will Bibi Prevail? Despite “Charges of Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust”
IBM Partners with Moderna for “COVID Reset”. “Health Passports Are Here”
Ten Years On, Syria Is Almost Destroyed. Who’s to Blame?
Biden and Blinken’s Unprovoked Attacks on Russia and China Backfire… Because If You Live in a Glass House, Don’t Throw Stones
Syria: The Price of Resistance
Tony Blair and the Iraq War of 2003: Should He Stand Trial for the Crime of Waging a “War of Aggression”?
The Fauci Interview on the Pandemic You Won’t See on Mainstream Media. Mexico’s Eugenio Derbez
Study Finds Glyphosate in More Than Half of All Sampled Florida Manatees
Gov. Ron DeSantis Opposes Vaccine Passports in Florida
New US Defense Agreement: Free Entry of US Forces into Jordan
CDC Ignores Inquiry into Increasing Number of Deaths, Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines
Terminate NATO
Johnson Takes Britain into Dangerous New Cold War Against China
Criticism of Canadian Policy in Haiti Growing
Video: COVID-19 the “Pandemic” Is Over. “A Novel Virus Closely Related to Corona Viruses Which Contribute to the Common Cold”
Video: Dr. Mike Yeadon on COVID-19 Restrictions and Lockdown
Inside the Horror Show of Northern Uganda
The Case of Alexei Navalny. Reviving the Cold War
COVID-19 Vaccine Risks and Research
Call for a Moratorium on COVID Jabs in North America
Syrian Foreign Minister Arrives at Muscat… Will the Sultanate of Oman Play a Role in Resolving the Syrian Crisis?
Pfizer Executive: Shift from Pandemic to Endemic. “Hiking Vaccine Price after Pandemic Wanes”
Turkey Refuses to Give Up on Its Interests in Northeastern Syria
John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter, Confronted Big Pharma and the Corrupt Covid Cabal
Walmart, Amazon and the Colonial Deindustrialisation of India
The WHO and Big Pharma Rejected by Tanzania: President John Magufuli Says COVID-19 Vaccines Are “Dangerous and Unnecessary”
Lawsuit against Trudeau Government: Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati and the Lies and Crimes of the COVID Operation
AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Suspended Across Europe. “Possible Autoimmune Reactions, Blood Clotting, Stroke and Internal Bleeding”
“Man Has Not Recognized Himself”. The Ideology of Power Threatens Humanity. Renouncing the Use of Violence
Aaugh! A Brief List of Official Russia Claims that Proved to be Bogus
Senior U.S. Official Acknowledges Washington Has Spent $143 Billion to Destroy Its Own Government in Afghanistan
The 2017 Raqqa Exodus: The US Coalition’s “Secret Deal” to Allow ISIS-Daesh Terrorists to Escape…
Destroying a Country’s Standard of Living: What Libya Had Achieved, What has been Destroyed
The Ides of March 2011: NATO’s ‘Humanitarian’ War on Libya
Washington Has Resurrected the Specter of Nuclear Armageddon
Conspiracy Theory
The Puppet Masters: Is There Really a Deep State?
“The Russians Are Coming, Not Again…”: Biden Regime Imposes More Illegal Sanctions on Russia
Frosty China-US Talks in Alaska
Media Pseudo-Debates and the Silence of Leftist Critics
Has Biden’s Description of Putin as a Killer Finally Dispelled Kremlin Hopes for Good Relations?
A Climate Change Vandal Goes to Paris: Mathias Cormann and the OECD
Permanent Warfare and the “War On Terror”
A Decade Ago: US-NATO Invasion of Libya and Its Consequences
Green Passes and Dark Inequalities: The Push for COVID Immunity Passports
New Cold War Is Built on Humanitarian Interventionist Lies and Dismissal of Actual War Crimes
Biden’s Tough-guy Flexing at ‘Soulless Killer’ Putin Would be Funny if the Consequences Weren’t So Serious
Norwegian Experts Say Deadly Blood Clots Were Caused by the AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine
Is Biden Using a Trump Card to Pressure Maduro Regime Change in Venezuela?
“The Sloppy Dossier”: Plagiarism and “Fake Intelligence” Used to Justify the 2003 War on Iraq: Copied and Pasted from the Internet into an “Official” British Intel Report
The Nightmare: The Iraq Invasion’s Atrocities, Unearthing the Unthinkable
The Engineered Destruction and Political Fragmentation of Iraq
US Crimes against the People of Iraq, Vietnam, Nicaragua, … : Denial, Selective Perception and Military Atrocities.
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