Damascus, Homs: Who Is Going to Ask Syria’s “Moderate Terrorists” to Stop Bombing?
By Afraa Dagher
Global Research, February 22, 2016
Syria News 22 February 2016
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Twin car bomb hit Al-Zahra neighborhood in Homs, again and again, near to the heavily populated bus station.  Coward terrorists remotely detonated the cars filled with explosivesSince the very beginning of the so-called revolution in Syria, this district was the main target for the western backed moderate terrorists.

Today in the early hours of Sunday/ 21/ February/ 2016:  Two blasts hit this neighborhood, claimed the lives of more than 60 persons, and left hundreds wounded, in addition to the huge material damage to the buildings around.




This neighborhood has been attacked more than 60 times since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.   Most recently was 26 / January when another car filled with explosives was remotely detonated, after which the terrorist blew himself up to kill those who came to help.  Twenty-four Syrians were murdered on that day.

On this same Sunday /21/ February, however it was on the afternoon, three terrorists blasts hit the other target, which also the so called moderate rebels have been bombing since the year 2011, the year of the bloody “revolution” birth.

It is Sayyda Zainab district in Damascus,  a terrorist car bomb then followed by explosive belts [suicide bombers], as if blowing up the loaded explosive car is not enough! So when the people gather to help the injured, the terrorists start to detonate their explosive belts against those innocent people!

More than 86 martyrs and a hundreds of wounded most of them are kids and women, furthermore, the huge harm caused to the area, near to both a public hospital and a public school.* The scene looks like an earthquake hit the place!

The most recent previous massacre in Sayyda Zainab on 31/ January also involved remote detonation of a car near a bus station and with two suicide bombers to kill the helpers. Forty-five Syrians were murdered.

All this terrorists blasts are not new, it started with the color revolution brand, sponsored by CIA, Saudi, Israel, and Turkey, against the Syrian people’s lives. Moreover, now they blame on the so-called ISIS, as known as Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, just to make the so-called moderate rebels look in innocent shape, meanwhile they are two faces for one coin, and made in the same factory!

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