Cut off U.S. funding for war in Libya
By Gregg Brown
Global Research, July 21, 2011 21 July 2011
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“Days, not weeks,” President Obama said about our involvement in Libya. It is now four months along.

For the last two Fridays, the central square of Tripoli in Libya has been absolutely packed with a huge crowd of people demonstrating their support for their government and calling for an end to bombing of their country.

There were many long green streamers — green being the symbolic color of Gadhafi’s leadership. The signs people carried were actually in Arabic, meaning they were not written with the American media in mind, like the CIA-sponsored rallies.

We and NATO have bombed universities, infrastructure and residences with depleted uranium munitions. Any good we may claim to be doing cannot be achieved by these means.

The best analysis I have read is on the Global Research website, with writers such as Paul Craig Roberts, Webster Tarpley and Michel Chossudovsky.

It is clearly a projection of imperial power. As such, it is wrong, wrong, wrong. And it is incredibly dangerous.

And the longer it goes on, the greater the risk.

I support those in Congress who are working to reassert their constitutional authority here and cut off funding for this war.

I would like to see a massive outpouring of public support for this.

I would like to see humanity, sanity and legality prevail.

Peace on Earth. Good will to men.

Gregg Brown, Bloomington

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