COVID-19 Will Devastate Gaza Unless the Blockade Is Lifted Now
By Jewish Voice for Peace
Global Research, March 20, 2020
Jewish Voice for Peace
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It’s difficult enough to be in the U.S. during the COVID-19 outbreak. And when I think about the conditions in Gaza, I’m absolutely terrified for the Palestinians trapped there.

As of today, Israeli officials have only allowed 200 testing kits into Gaza. [1]

Gaza remains COVID-19 free for now. But after 13 years of embargo, war, and bombings by Israel, Palestinians in Gaza face a severe shortage of resources and medical personnel. Health officials warn that if the virus enters Gaza, containment and treatment under the Israeli blockade will be nearly impossible.

This is an unprecedented moment, and solidarity is more critical than ever. From our homes, we can still act together. Can you take a moment to tell Congress to END THE BLOCKADE?

This crisis is many years in the making. Seven years ago, the United Nations predicted that the Gaza Strip would be uninhabitable by 2020. Today, 95% of the population of Gaza lacks direct access to clean water. A million people rely on food aid to survive. 70% of young people are unable to find employment. And because of the blockade, Gaza’s hospitals and clinics lack 42% of essential drugs and medicines.

These conditions mean that if and when there is a Coronavirus breakout, Gaza’s healthcare system will be rapidly overwhelmed and unable to provide even basic care. And because Gaza is effectively an open-air prison, no one will be able to leave.

We have no more time to waste. Can you take 15 seconds to tell Congress to take action and end the blockade of Gaza NOW?

Instead of rallying to the UN’s urgent call to fix a foreseen man-made crisis, the world – and the U.S. in particular – has neglected Gaza. The Trump administration’s decision to completely gut the UN agencies providing desperately needed aid has added cruelty above and beyond U.S. inaction.

Gaza is a humanitarian catastrophe of imprisonment and despair for almost two million people simply because they are Palestinian. It’s so important that we speak the truth about Gaza and lift up the voices of the incredible activists – most of whom are refugees – as they take on Israeli oppression. Please join us and let us speak powerfully together.


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