Compulsory Vaccination in Serbia: Help Support the Right to Informed Consent and Optional Vaccination
By Mariah Davidovic
Global Research, April 04, 2015

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As concerned parents, we are publicly standing with the Citizens’ Initiative for Optional Vaccination in defence of the rights to life, liberty, and security of person, specifically as related to informed consent to medical treatment.

We cannot simply stand by and watch while the human rights of our friends and loved ones are trampled on by those who do not believe their professional duties extend to honoring the concerns of their constituents. By choosing to speak out, we are not judging any specific person or institution, we are simply requesting that our concerns be heard and validated and that international human rights be upheld.

We are concerned parents. We care about the Serbian people. Many of our friends and family members live in Serbia, and our children spend their time between both Canada and Serbia.

Thankfully, because our children are Canadian citizens, they are protected from mandatory vaccination as such is against the Canadian Constitution. However, our friends and loved ones in Serbia do not enjoy the same basic human rights to life, liberty, and security of person.

Please join us in supporting concerned parents in their campaign to ensure the right to informed consent in Serbia.

As you read this, lawmakers are paving the road towards the introduction of forced vaccination in Serbia. Laws that are in direct opposition to the Serbian constitution are being voted on right now. For these reasons, we asked the Ombudsman to protect our rights and the response we received is that, in Serbia, we do not have the right to “direct our own lives and health matters according to our own discretion”.

Please refer to the following statement made by the Ombudsman’s office:

“In addition, health protection laws have mandated obligatory individual submission to immunization; subsequently, it is the parents’/guardians’ obligation to submit to the immunization of the children in their care. “

For readers unfamiliar with the subject, we are not given “vaccine inserts” in Serbia. Serbian patients don’t get info sheets about the possible side effects of vaccination. Serbia doesn’t have a CDC that publishes a list of possible vaccine injuries. No medical association in Serbia has opposed mandatory vaccines (yet).

Read more about the American Medical Association’s position on mandatory vaccination here. 

Serbia doesn’t have a vaccine injury board that compensates injured families. Serbian citizens are being forced into “submission” by governmental and institutional officials who do not respect human rights, do not respect basic medical principles including, “do no harm”, and do not inform the people of either the contents of vaccines or the possible risks and injuries involved. Informed consent is the very basic requirement of medical practice and Serbian citizens are being denied both information and the right to consent.

We consider the mandatory vaccination of our children as being arbitrary interference with our families. We can interpret the Ombudsman’s letter as stating that we as parents cannot make decisions about our children’s medical care, and that those decisions are to be made by “professionals” and lawmakers. Therefore, we are essentially being told that our children are the property of those decision-makers and not our children or our families. This is arbitrary interference with the family. A concerned parent ought to have every right to question medical interventions and make decisions that weigh the risks and benefits of such interventions.

We are simply asking for freedom of choice when it comes to our health and well-being, and that of our children and families. We simply ask that our human rights be respected and that we are protected from being forced into “submitting” to medical interventions against our will.

Please join us in our campaign to preserve informed consent and human rights in Serbia by supporting the work of the Citizens’ Initiative for Optional Vaccination (NOVA) . 

“We, parents and free citizens of the Republic of Serbia, request that decision-makers respect our inviolable human rights. While the right to choose on the matter of vaccination exists throughout the rest of the world, along with the existence of specific funds that provide compensation for vaccine injuries, in Serbia the situation is the exact opposite. Vaccination is unconstitutionally being propagated as mandatory, and injuries are not even acknowledged, let alone are any damages ever paid”. –Dragana Basa, President of the Citizens’ Initiative for Optional Vaccination, via a March 31st press release.  

On April 5th 2015, at the Nikola Pasic square in Belgrade at noon, concerned parents and their fellow citizens are coming together for a peaceful protest to express their concern about, and their disagreement with, the forced vaccination of children and unconstitutional law on the mandatory vaccination of the population.  Referencing the Serbian Constitution and fundamental human rights and freedoms guaranteed by international conventions, on April 5th 2015, we are requesting the cancellation of mandatory vaccination and the nullification of laws related to this policy. We are further requesting the passage of laws modeled after 18 European Union states that allow for freedom of choice on the issue of vaccination for the purpose of the protection of our human rights as citizens of Serbia. Such amendments would protect the rights of parents to freely make decisions on important matters related to the health of their children. If we neglect to oppose the current infringement of individual rights to refuse vaccines that carry the risk of injury and death, if we, as a result, cannot make decisions for ourselves and on behalf of the children in our care, we then open the door to a new insidious era that will include the implementation of further mandatory medical interventions” -The Concerned Parents and Citizens of Serbia and the Citizens’ Initiative for Optional Vaccination.

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