Commemorating 9/11: The “Ghost of Osama Bin Laden” at Ground Zero’s 9/11 Museum

osama bin laden

Let us all intone in unison: “Obama killed Osama on May 1, 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan.”

There’s zero evidence that this is what happened, of course, and plenty of evidence that bin Laden had been dead for more than a decade by the time Obama laid claim to the kill.

The notion of a gravely ill bin Laden evading the surveillance state for ten years with dialysis machine (presumably plugged into varying cave walls) in tow is ludicrous enough, but even this inanity is perhaps exceeded by another bit of preposterousness reported by the New York Times on May 5, 2011: “Observing from behind mirrored glass, C.I.A. officers used cameras with telephoto lenses and infrared imaging equipment to study the compound, and they used sensitive eavesdropping equipment to try to pick up voices from inside the house and to intercept cellphone calls. A satellite used radar to search for possible escape tunnels.

Still, the spying operation had its limits: the American surveillance team would see a man take regular walks through the compound’s courtyard — they called him “the pacer” — but they were never able to confirm the man was Bin Laden.”

With nothing but ancient technology like “telephoto lenses”, “infrared imaging”, “radar”, and the like to operate with, it’s no surprise at all that CIA just couldn’t confirm that the “pacer” fellow was in fact bin Laden. Obviously, the CIA is an Inspector Clouseau/Maxwell Smart type of outfit—except when it isn’t.

In any event, the bin Laden “body” was of course dumped in the ocean straight away, and all other “evidence” of the May 1 fraud was either buried or destroyed. The official reason for the destruction of the “evidence” was, we all remember, that it would have been unseemly “to spike the football.”

It should therefore be no surprise that, on 9/7/14, an anonymous party has in fact spiked the admittedly non-existent football by donating a Seal Team Six uniform supposedly worn during the hoax bin Laden raid to the 9/11 museum.

The timing is curious: the donation could have been made at any point up until now or even on 9/11 itself. And yet, an otherwise quiet Sunday (9/7) four days before 9/11 was selected for the unveiling. Why?

A recent contribution by this author entitled “Vanishing Airliners, “ISIS”, and 9/11” conjectured that we are in essence witnessing a game of hi tech chicken wherein shadow government figures are utilizing vanishing airliner and beheading propaganda to pressure Obama into aggressive action in the foreign policy arena.

Under the hi tech chicken theory, a critical move was made last week when France suspended a contract with Russia which contemplated the delivery of two Mistral warships to Putin. In principle, the completion of the contract might have marked a discrete event signaling reorientation of EU/Russia/U.S. relationships in favor of Russia. With the thwarting of the contract and not much else other than blips in terms of terror on Friday and Saturday, we appeared to be out of the woods regarding 9/11/14.

Then on Sunday 9/7, however, we get the bin Laden 9/11 museum inject, and it’s hard to interpret that as anything other than a message to Obama suggesting that he reject any ideas he might have that would in any way rewrite “history.” What happens next week might therefore still best be construed as a question of whether certain people believe Obama is following the war script (especially if the 9/7 inject is “numerologically” read as suggested here.) We must note in this regard that he has left Monday relatively blank (confidence? overconfidence?) and has deferred consultation with leaders of Congress to Tuesday. He has also set aside Wednesday for remarks on ISIS. With the above ideas in mind, it is reasonable to suppose that details of the events of 9/8 should supply good clues as to what to expect the remainder of the week.

Dr. Jason Kissner is Associate Professor of Criminology at California State University. Dr. Kissner’s research on gangs and self-control has appeared in academic journals. His current empirical research interests include active shootings. You can reach him at [email protected]

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