Clinton Co-ordinating Haiti Relief
By Julie Webb-Pullman
Global Research, February 15, 2010
Scoop 15 February 2010
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Ban Ki-Moon obviously has a very twisted sense of humour. As if the Katrina fiasco wasn’t sufficient evidence of the singular unsuitability of the U.S. to lead any sort of disaster effort, appointing a power-abusing sex-offending lying ex-President as Special Envoy beggared belief.

Even the most generous interpretation would have to conclude that the U.S. had already surpassed its Katrina incompetence – they took eight days, yes EIGHT days, to decide to air-drop food and water into Haiti, resulting in who knows how many thousand unnecessary deaths. [i] Defense Secretary Robert Gates said earlier airdrops were ruled out “because they might have done more harm than good.”’ [ii] (ie there would be more survivors who might challenge the blatant US military occupation, carried out under the guise of ‘security’ to protect the populace from the pseudo-rioting and looting invented by U.S. media hacks to justify it – but more of the un-generous interpretation later.)

When the U.S. finally got around to airdrops, ie when the “riots and looting” (read, people frantically trying to get food, water, and medical help for themselves and others) were happening anyway because so little assistance was forthcoming, and some ethical international commentators were having more success getting the truth out than Fox et al were in distorting it, we learnt the purported ‘why’ of the delay: “Parachuting bundles of food and water into Haiti became viable for the first time Monday in part because there are enough troops there to identify a safe place to drop them…” [iii]

Give us a break – before the earthquake even struck the U.N. already had over 10,000 troops, other personnel and international police on the ground in Haiti [iv] and there were some 10,000 NGOs registered [v] – are we seriously expected to believe these guys couldn’t get it together to receive air drops for over a week?

Worse still, the headquarters of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) held pre-disaster simulations in Miami of a relief response to the impact of a hurricane in Haiti the DAY BEFORE the earthquake! [vi] Are their memories are THAT short??!!

It’s therefore pretty obvious that both the UN and the U.S. military, not to mention a sizeable bunch of NGOs, aren’t up to the job of looking after disaster victims’ interests. What is less obvious is why the UN does not head up the response effort by someone from a country with a proven track-record in this, such as Cuba, [vii] together with someone from UNICEF, given the age demographic of Haiti.

Maybe because the REAL reason it took eight days for the U.S. administration to start a genuine emergency response is that, with the complicity of Ban Ki-Moon and puppet-President Préval, they were too busy using the earthquake as a convenient excuse to secure U.S. interests in the region. They were too busy taking military control of Haiti’s airport and port facilities, prioritising the deployment of U.S. troops and evacuation of U.S. citizens, to trouble themselves with such trivial details as the provision and distribution of food and medical supplies to the devastated Haitians. [viii]

How many thousands more Haitians would have died but for the Cuban doctors, who had continuously, and without fanfare, been providing emergency health care from Day One, [ix] and Venezuela from Day Two – after they had managed to circumvent the U.S. military blockade of the airport, that is. [x]

More concerned about appearing to ‘lead the world’ and upstaging Cuba and Venezuela in the public relations stakes , the U.S. prevented not only CARICOM countries from landing with humanitarian assistance, but also aid flights from France, Brazil, and Italy, as well as several international aid agencies such as UNICEF, World Food Program (WFP), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), and the Red Cross, who were either refused landing or diverted to other countries in the essential first days. [xii]

And it’s not only one-way – the U.S. is also running a naval blockade to keep adult Haitians from getting out. [xiii] Unfortunately, what happens to them inside the country even without a quake, is not exactly fun either. [xiv] Economic interests (but whose) are clearly not being ignored, and Canada also has its fingers in the pie. [xvi] While Venezuela promptly cancelled Haiti’s debt, [xvii] others have yet to even repay theirs, [xviii] and still others are just cashing in on the tragedy. [xix]

There are increasing suspicions that the U.S. may even have caused the earthquake. [xx]

The result of this bare-faced U.S. military invasion masquerading as aid was a veritable chorus of well-founded accusations from international diplomatic, media, academic, legal, human rights, NGO and political circles that the U.S., with the complicity of the United Nations [xxi], was using the Haitian earthquake to undertake a military occupation of Haiti to further U.S. strategic military and economic interests in the region, [xxii] shaming them into unconfirmed reports after a week of stalling that the U.S. would give precedence for landing to civilian over military planes at Port-au-Prince’s airport. [xxiii]

So aid finally started reaching people…but that was not the only thing to arrive. In scenes reminiscent of the 2004 tsunami when thousands of child survivors just ‘disappeared’ into the people-trafficking ether, human vultures had already swooped, stealing children from hospitals,[xxiv] and scooping up ‘orphans’ by the plane- and bus-load and transporting them out of Haiti. [xxv]

Unicef said the disaster was likely to have separated thousands of children from their parents or guardians, and the agency repeated warnings about the threat of child traffickers. In an attempt to prevent the illegal departure of many children UNICEF is deploying two specialized staff to control documentation at the airport.[xxvii]

So take a bus instead! Ten U.S. ‘missionaries’ are already under arrest for trying to smuggle 33 children out of the country, and that was not their first attempt.[xxvii] Of course they are most unlikely to actually face trial let alone be convicted of this blatant crime – Clinton has already negotiated a deal to get all but Laura Silsby freed[xxix] (she obviously should have worn her blue dress that day…), showing how much HE gives a toss about what UNICEF has to say.

We should hardly be surprised – even a human-rights-law-quoting suitably-outraged usually on-the-button US commentator neglected to mention that the U.S. is one of only two countries in the world NOT to have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child.[xxx] Why should they suddenly start caring about Haitian children when they don’t even pretend to protect their own? And in Clinton’s case, have sex with at least one woman in his employ young enough to be his daughter? Isn’t that precisely one of the major problems already facing ‘restaveks’?

Given U.S. conduct since the Haiti quake, and Bill Clinton’s before and since, I think we can safely say that in condoning the US military occupation of Haiti and in appointing Bill Clinton as the UN Special Envoy, Ban Ki-Moon demonstrated a gross lack of respect and concern not only for Haitians but for every member country of his organisation, and several of its own agencies to boot. Clinton’s illness provides him with an opportunity to make at least some amends.

As Chossudovsky and numerous others have pointed out, since the devastation of 12 January, the Haitian people have exhibited a high degree of solidarity, courage and social commitment which the militarization of relief operations can only undermine, weakening the organizational capabilities of Haitians to rebuild and reinstate their institutions of civilian government, as well as their lives.

Community-based integrated disaster response and recovery models have been promoted by various UN bodies and at-risk countries for at least a decade.[xxxi]

It’s time Ban Ki-Moon walked the talk. He should be supporting UN agencies in their difficult task of using best practice to assist Haitians to rebuild their shattered lives, not undermining them by condoning a military occupation and genocide.[xxxii]

He should now appoint the most appropriate person as Special Envoy for the response and recovery effort – a person with demonstrated capacity in the area, without exploitative economic motives but with the trust and confidence of Haitians. This is clearly NOT Bill Clinton, whose current health crisis suggests it is time to give him a break, and appoint a new person to this important role.

Ban Ki-Moon now has a unique opportunity to stand with the south and look left, where he will find several candidates with impeccable credentials – not only world leaders in disaster preparedness, management and recovery, but also a lengthy history of solidarity in the region and beyond – plus a demonstrated commitment to refrain from military intervention in other nation states.

Kia kaha, Ban Ki-Moon – get the cavalry out of there, and someone in who actually gives a damn about Haitians.


Julie Webb-Pullman is a New Zealand based freelance writer who has reported about – and on occasion from – Central America for Scoop since 2003. Send Feedback to[email protected]


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