Fake Article: CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 on 9/11’. This article is Reported as Fake
By Global Research News
Global Research, July 15, 2017
13 July 2017
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Notice to our readers. We were not able to corroborate this report by Your News Wire. This article is reported as being fake

It should nonetheless be noted that the collapse of WTO7 was a deliberate and planned act. That is is firmly established. The announcement of the collapse of WTC7 was made both by the BBC and CNN prior to the actual event, which confirms that there prior knowledge of the collapse. The Collapse of WTC Building Seven.

“The most grotesque lie pertains to the BBC and CNN announcement in the afternoon of September 11, that WTC Building Seven (The Solomon Building) had collapsed. The BBC report went live at 5.00pm, 21 minutes before the actual occurrence of the collapse, indelibly pointing to foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC 7.  CNN anchor Aaron Brown announced that the building “has either collapsed or is collapsing” about an hour before the event.” (Michel Chossudovsky, The 9/11 Reader, Global Research, September 11, 2012)

(See also: the hidden story of Building 7: Foreknowledge of WTC 7’s Collapse)

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