The Christmas Big Pharma Race Is On: “Back to Normal” When We Get the Covid Vaccine?

Even today, a vaccine still takes at least eighteen months to test and around five to ten years of perfecting before it can be used for general consumption.

Ask anyone and they will say things will be back to ‘normal’ as soon as we all have the vaccine. Furthermore, if your only source of news is sponsored by Big Pharma, then you better watch out. Despite what the papers say, a vaccine is an inherently complicated affair, needing various trials to perfect and make absolutely safe for human use.  Case in point, the Mumps Vaccine alone, took four years and that was considered unprecedented. Just look at our success rate for other vaccines in the past: Malaria has been with us for centuries and there was still talk of having a vaccine for it by 1960. Sixty years later and still nothing has changed, apart from the stemming of its spread by cleaner water supplies and improved sanitation methods. In our ultra sanitised environment, we now think of Malaria as a third world problem and yet, despite all our technologies and wisdom, we still cant seem to beat the common cold which is a family of  Rhino, Coxsackie, Adeno and Corona viruses, yet we suddenly have a whole new range of vaccines coming out for Covid-19.

The Pharms Race Is On…

It could be argued that: that was then and this is now but even with our super computers and technologies, all this is superseded by the fact that for time forever, we have fallen prey to corporate con-artists, peddling drugs to a naive and unsuspecting public. So lets just be clear on this. Even today, a vaccine still takes at least eighteen months to test and around five to ten years of perfecting before it can be used for general consumption.  Thus the sudden announcement that Russia  and America suddenly have a workable vaccine should be treated with scepticism. Such as US drug company Pfizer, which announced their vaccine only this week, despite a track record of flogging dodgy drugs. Just look at Russia’s bid with Sputnik V, a rather dubious vaccine that has many scientists nervous.  It seems to be more about who can come out top dog, in what is clearly becoming a new Pharms Race.

With that in mind, lets put the Covid-19 virus in terms of East vs West. Just look at the way the Arms Race brought us to our knees in the last century, hijacking our greatest science and military output, into essentially reducing our nations to a nuclear standoff that lasted decades. Today things haven’t changed, we’ve merely swapped nukes for vaccines, as the Big Pharma superpowers battle it out, using vaccines as ammunition, in which we the people, are caught in the crossfire. China for one, is emerging in this Pharms Race as a formidable contender.

Christmas Vaccine

However, this is the type of blindly naïve ignorance which could spell disaster on a scale beyond imagination. Perhaps this writer has a flare for the dramatic but it should not be understated, that we have no way of knowing what side effects will ensue by taking untested vaccines, such as the ones proposed to combat Covid-19.

Yet the daily tabloids have us believing that a Vaccine will be here by September? But wait a minute: Septembers already come and gone and still no vaccine! Then they said it would be ready for Christmas before finally admitting it was more like sometime next year. Yet, in the sudden and dubious elections, Trump is out and Biden is in, who’s first job in office will be to reconnect funding to the WHO, (that Trump had previously cut, under allegations of corruption). Biden’s next plan of attack will be the relentless roll out vaccines, regardless of whether they work or not.

In the wake of Biden, the papers are quickly backtracking (yet again) and now saying the vaccines will be back with us by Christmas, while trials at Oxford offer little to back this claim. But whatever. Its Christmas! So why not purchase a Yule Tide Vaccine Gift Set for all your family, who cares if it works? Unicef is already stockpiling syringes. By the way, bidding for the Bill Gates Vaccine starts at £477. That’s right. Lots of companies are currently buying up stocks of untested vaccines but are reluctant to try them out on themselves. But that’s ok, because the first to be given the vaccine will be the elderly and GPs are already getting ready to jab the aged and infirm as the Yule tide looms.  What the hell is in this stuff? Nothing good.

Thalmidomide Vaccines

The repurposing of Thalidomide in Covid vaccines should ring alarm bells. How many times have we been duped into something like this before, only to regret it? Big Pharma are much like the street vender variety. Peddling off drugs that in some cases can cost as much as $750 for just for one pill.

Don’t be fooled that just because the world is united under the fight against Covid-19, that big business has suddenly become holier than thou.

More than ever, there are numerous scams already in play, to take your money and put you and your family at risk with experimental vaccines with unforeseen risks, that will not only affect you but affect your offspring. But once it has become common place, it could make the Thalidomide scandal of the last century look quaint by comparison. From 1957 to 1961, over 10,000 children were born with adverse limb deformities, internal organ failure and subsequent brain damage. Since this well documented tragedy, protocols were put in place in order to avoid a repeat.

Yet it seems that public pressure (and hysteria) and Big Pharma have reached a bottleneck of compromises, in order to roll out untested vaccines asap, with zero thought about the potential ramifications. Worst still these drug companies have lobbied for total deniability, should their vaccines fail. Yep that’s right, if Pfizers vaccine ends up giving your kids birth deformities and autism, it’s not their problem, always read the label.


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