Christianity’s Violent History and Other Facts that Make Fox’s Blood Boil
By Robert Barsocchini
Global Research, July 03, 2015
Washington's Blog 2 July 2015
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In one of its innumerable segments in a never-ending terrorist propaganda stream attempting to portray Christians and the US, the world’s biggest human rights violator, as global victims, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, rightly, condemns the alleged criminal treatment and scheduled execution in major US ally Pakistan of a Christian woman for using a cup reserved for Muslims.

Van Susteren calls it “disgusting and cruel” that “instead of being generous and wanting to share” and “worrying about” the woman’s “health”, the government has decided to execute her.  Sharing and concern about peoples’ health are not areas Fox is generally associated with, but here are used as part of Fox’s propaganda effort to manufacture support for increased violence against the Mid East.

Van Susteren’s guest, a representative of a Christian organization, says the scheduled execution is the act of a “conservative” government.  This antagonizes Van Susteren, as Fox identifies with the terrorist extremism that in the US, in Newspeak, is called “conservatism”, so she denies that it is a conservative act and instead says the country of Pakistan, which the US under Bush Sr. provided with the materials to create a rogue nuclear arsenal, is “extremely evil”, as is the act in question.

Fox recently “explode[d] at Obama” (who until at least 2013 opposed marriage equality because he is a “Christian”) for mentioning the Crusades, a lengthy jihad in which Christian extremists offered their infidel victims, such as Jews and indigenous peoples, a convert or die, or a convert and die, ultimatum (the latter being less of an ultimatum than the former).

One must assume that Fox had previously heard of the Crusades and other events related to Christianity’s sweeping over Europe and then the Western hemisphere, in the longest and largest holocaust in human history, but simply hates when these and other facts, such as how Christianity was used to beat submissiveness into the US’s African slaves, are mentioned.

But Van Susteren was not forced to explode at herself or her guest over such a blasphemous indiscretion.  She was able to restrict her rage to “others”, because no one in the segment drew the obvious parallel and mentioned that the US was founded on, and only exists because of, an endless stream of “disgusting” and “evil” acts, from the first bloody days of the Euro invasion of the hemisphere, to the Christian Fundamentalist and self-proclaimed “Decider”, Bush Jr.’s, invasion and destruction of Iraq, killing 1 to 2 million or more people in a string of acts such as the murder of up to 6,000 civilians in just one Iraqi town, a death-squad operation that mirrored in tactics, but was far worse than, a recent Boko Haram attack in Nigeria, to Obama’s terrorist execution of thousands of “suspects”, and his destruction of and coups in multiple countries, killing countless thousands.

The Fox host thus states that never “in my wildest dreams” could she “think of something that was so awful” as Pakistan’s scheduled execution (indeed a heinous act that must be aborted, with reparations given) of this Christian woman.

Van Susteren is likely aware of the following, and has simply decided that it is not as awful as the execution of a Christian woman, because the following regards the mass execution, by Christians, of infidel savages, “her” country’s owners:

In the colonies, when a native was “accused” of using an Englishman’s cup, the response, ignoring native cultural attitudes about sharing and the fluidity of so-called “property”, was not to execute the offender but to inflict complete genocide on the group as a whole: the Christian invaders, in response to the cup incident, burned “the entire community and the fields of corn surrounding it”, depriving it of its food source (105).

While the atrocity scheduled by Pakistan is certainly “evil”, Susteren is physically where she is because of countless acts that only a white supremacist genocide-apologist could characterize as any less “disgusting”, “awful”, or “evil” than the event in question.

Previously and typically, a white, blonde Fox host, Megan Kelly, groaned and sneered to native professor Ward Churchill, when he mentioned the ongoing US genocide and concentration camp confinement of the country’s owners, “That again?”

Had the Third Reich been able to implement its originally devised solution to the “Jewish problem”, modeled on the American solution to the “Indian problem”, and confined the Jews to permanent “reservations”, one could imagine a white, blonde German host sneering to a Jewish professor generations later, when he or she mentioned this, “Ugggghh… That again?”

As the Nazis did for themselves, Fox attempts to portray the world’s most violent, repressive, and threatening force, the US, and its dominant religious group, Christians, as victims under threat, as has been done in white/Christian supremacist thought for centuries.

As did the Roman empire and American slave-drivers, Fox hijacks and distorts Christianity, warping it from a defense of the weak into a bludgeon to serve the strong.  And when there are signs of Christianity being used in the vein of Christ’s teachings, about empowering the oppressed and disadvantaged and speaking out against the most powerful exploiters and killers, Fox shamelessly propagandizes against it and the US oligarchy has those leaders executed.

The current Pope, Francis, has been exhibiting some of the qualities hated by Fox and America, speaking out against war, weapons proliferation, and environmental destruction, three areas in which the US leads the world.  Fox thus declared Francis to be “the most dangerous person on the planet”.  While this is certainly one of Fox’s crackpot cartoon caricatures, it is true that if one is religiously committed to war, arms trafficking, and destroying the environment, as Fox is, then Francis does represent some danger.

Pakistan is considered by the international community to be the second biggest threat to world peace after the US, which Pakistan trailed by three times fewer votes in a recent survey, conducted by Switzerland, of 65 equally weighted countries around the world.

In the poll, 1% of US citizens saw Pakistan as the greatest threat to world peace, while 13% of US citizens saw the US as the greatest threat to world peace, tied with North Korea.

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Robert Barsocchini is a US-based researcher focusing on power centers and force dynamics, national and global.  On Twitter with UK-based colleague Dean Robinson @_DirtyTruths.

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