Chinese Institute: According to secret report of French foreign ministry, Kosovo is to be recognized in February 2008
By Global Research
Global Research, November 30, 2007
Regnum 27 November 2007
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“According to our information, the French foreign ministry elaborated a secret report on the Kosovo issue saying that recognition of Kosovo is scheduled for February 2008,” the head of the East European Section of the Chinese State Council Eurasian Institute Ma Sipu announced today while speaking during a televised conference between Beijing and Moscow on the situation in Kosovo and Russia and China’s stance on the issue, a Regnum correspondent reports.

“According to the plan, first Kosovo will be recognized by small EU countries, than recognition of Kosovo by Muslim countries will be organized, and later by the United States that will be playing a role of an outside observer before the recognition,” the Chinese expert mentioned.

“Recognition of Kosovo, contrary to stance of Serbia and other members of the world community, including Russia and China, and the role played by the United States in the process, all those things are unjust,” believes the analyst. “So, both Russia and China must become involved more actively in the process of settling the Kosovo issue, to prevent from the USA acting one-sidedly.”

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