The Chinese Document, “US Hegemony and Its Perils”. The U.S. is a “Paper Tiger”. Geopolitical Analysis by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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It is widely believed that the Internet offers endless amounts of independent information.

This is false. The Internet offers government agencies and monied interests endless opportunities to lavishly fund websites that advance official and self-serving agendas.  There is very little truth on the internet.  

The few places where it exists are demonized as “conspiracy theorists,” “white supremacy,” “anti-semitic,” “domestic terrorist,”, “kook.” Support truth where you can find it, or truth will disappear completely. If you don’t care about truth, you don’t care about your freedom.  

Both Russia and China have publicly acknowledged the fact that Washington in pursuit of US hegemony disobeys international law, commits military and financial aggression, and interferes in the internal affairs of other countries.  Yet Russia and China have still not announced a mutual defense treaty or made any effort to include other threatened countries such as Iran in an alliance.  By failing to act in their own self defense, both countries have left themselves exposed, thereby encouraging more aggressive behavior by Washington that leads to nuclear war.  

The official Chinese document released by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very important.  It declares:

“Since becoming the world’s most powerful country after the two world wars and the Cold War, the United States has acted more boldly to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, pursue, maintain and abuse hegemony, advance subversion and infiltration, and willfully wage wars, bringing harm to the international community.

“It has overstretched the concept of national security, abused export controls and forced unilateral sanctions upon others. It has taken a selective approach to international law and rules, utilizing or discarding them as it sees fit, and has sought to impose rules that serve its own interests in the name of upholding a ‘rules-based international order.’

“The United States has been overriding truth with its power and trampling justice to serve self-interest. These unilateral, egoistic and regressive hegemonic practices have drawn growing, intense criticism and opposition from the international community.”

The Chinese are mistaken that the US is the most powerful country.  US power has rested on the dollar as world reserve currency, a role that is being destroyed by US sanctions that drive countries away from the use of the dollar, by massive and growing debt, by the demoralization of US armed services by anti-white propaganda and racial privileges for people of color and sexual privileges for sexual perverts, an unregulated financial system prone to crisis, and by Identity Politics that has destroyed national unity and shredded the protections granted by the US Constitution.

Mao Zedong was correct decades ago when he described the US as “a paper tiger.” 

It is extraordinary that both Russia and China are  so intimidated by a paper tiger that they are fearful to act in their own interests, instead accepting provocation after provocation.  

See this:

“US Hegemony and Its Perils”: China Document

By China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Karsten Riise, March 18, 2023

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Paul Craig Roberts is a renowned author and academic, chairman of The Institute for Political Economy where this article was originally published. Dr. Roberts was previously associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration. He is a regular contributor to Global Research. 

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