China to Establish Military Bases Overseas
By Global Research
Global Research, February 03, 2010
Pakistan Observer 30 January 2010
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Islamabad—China has signaled that it wants to establish military bases overseas, following US steps to portray India as a regional super power.

‘’It is baseless to say that we will not set up any military bases in future because we have never sent troops abroad,’’ said an article posted on a Chinese government website. ‘’ It is our right,’’ the article said, suggesting it would be done in the neighbourhood.

The article posted on the website said that China should be capable of counter attacking its enemy countries from the country as well as from neighboring countries. “We should also be able to put pressure on the potential enemies’ overseas interests,” said the posting by well-known columnist Shen Dingli.

Defence analysts say China is concerned over the massive arms build up by India with the help of the United States. The Chinese move , which rarely reacts to foreign threats will certainly send a clear message to forces in the region that China will not remain unconcerned over the threats being posed by India.

China which has strategic military and economic partnership with Pakistan has always come to Pakistan’s aid and helped it to maintain a balance of power in the region.

China has helped Pakistan in modernization of its armed forces by supplying latest fighter planes and frigates besides forging close partnership between the armies of the two countries .

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