Chemical Weapons Attack Carried out by CIA-backed Terrorists: “Moral Obscenities” and the Toppling of Syria
By Larry Chin
Global Research, August 28, 2013

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In the wake of a chemical weapons attack carried out by US and CIA-backed Syrian rebels and blamed on the Assad regime, US Secretary of State John Kerry declared  the act “a moral obscenity”, promising a military attack in response. 

Is it a moral obscenity to falsify and script world events in order to justify wide scale murder and butchery?

Is it a moral obscenity to sponsor death squads comprised of Al-Qaeda terrorists, and lie about it?

Is it a moral obscenity to have created, via the CIA, the Al-Qaeda military-intelligence apparatusitself, continue to direct this network, and lie about it every which way to suit propaganda purposes?

Is it a moral obscenity to have created the “global war on terrorism” (GWOT), an endless series of lies and false flag operations to foment endless atrocities and mass slaughter?

Is it a moral obscenity to be the world’s largest single terrorist entity, the world’s largest single war monger, orchestrating the overthrows of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and carrying out the destabilizations of Syria, Iran, Egypt, etc., and lie and deny it?

Is it a moral obscenity to accuse the world of violating international laws, when you and your kind fail to adhere to any of them, flaunt them, and hold them in contempt—all the while continuing a global murder spree?

 Is it a moral obscenity to use the “Iraq War Playbook” over and over again: murdering innocent civilians, trotting outdeceptions blaming the chosen political target of the day, in order to destroy said target with weapons of mass destruction (including illegal chemical weapons)?Is it a moral obscenity to demand adherence to laws, and then do everything possible to prevent the accused from abiding by these “rules” (that, of course, are impossible, and not meant to followed)?

Is it a moral obscenity for an empire to murder on a mass scale in order to capture geography in order to secure material wealth, and the natural resources that lubricates the creation of this wealth for the empire, at the expense of others?

 Is it a moral obscenity to use mass bloodshed in order to boost stagnant economic fortunes, and politically salvage failing corrupt presidenciesand politicians?

Is it a moral obscenity to foment hatred, so that war agendas metastasize and mushroom?

Is it a moral obscenity to lie, grandstand, and pontificate when you and your equally lawless allies are morally obscene criminals of the highest order?

Is it a moral obscenity to refuse to stop lying and killing, and killing and lying?

Does true evil know what a moral obscenity is?

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