Celebrate the 4th of July by Ending the War on Children!

Regardless of one’s opinion, ideology or “alternative reality”, today, children around the world in unprecedented numbers are being killed, maimed and tortured mentally and/or physically in the hands of people in power. Sadly, the images of torn apart bodies of children in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Myanmar and bleeding Yemen are no longer shocking in fact have become too familiar on social media.

The constant condemnations and warnings of the honest ladies and gentlemen of U.N. to save the children, vanishes right in front our of stunned eyes. In this regard, the U.N. has become a hectic institution chasing her own tail, day in day out.

Not long ago, Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton successfully orchestrated a war on Libya. She proudly celebrated the fall of the Libyan regime and turned that region into a modern slavery bazaar selling innocent young girls.

In Mexico, the ex-President’s thugs caused the disappearance 43 students in day light with impunity.

In Burma, they burn baby bodies with lighted cigarettes for fun while they rape the defenseless Rohingya Muslim mother in front of their kids.

Children’s arms and feet were chopped off in Sierra Leone in the middle of an insane and senseless civil war.

In Gaza, a 5 year old boy wakes up blind and deaf due to Mr. Netanyahu’s bombs, while a 5 year old immigrant girl in a U.S. detention center finds herself in the middle of night in a dark cage all alone crying “Mama, Mama” in the absence of any response, not even a soothing voice or a motherly touch. Indeed the war on children is on when they add insult to injury by sending the U.S. First Lady to the South, challenge us with a message that they “Really Don’t Care”.

They make mockery of our crying babies in pain as “paid child actors”. Indeed the war on children is on and the list is long.

The war on children has been going on, from time of slavery when they ripped the baby out of mothers’ arms or separated the indigenous children from their parents to be indoctrinated with the occupiers’ racist European culture!

The horror of holocaust and crimes of Nazi Germany against children is still fresh in our memory. Indeed the war on children continues in Europe, America and beyond.

After all, Hillary, Barack and Donald are on the same side in using a poor child to deter his or her parent from seeking asylum by crossing the U.S. “sacred” border, fleeing violence and war.

What is strange is the trust that some activists still have in the cunning Democratic Party which today poses as defenders of immigrants just to hide their own misdeeds against the children who sought asylum during the 8 years of Mr. Obama administration.

Hundreds upon thousands of conscious people all over the U.S. through demonstrations, protests and social media showed that the American people also have “zero tolerance” regarding migrant children being abused and kept in cages. They marched and strongly rejected Mr. Trump administration inhumane policies and persecution of immigrants. American women with their families in large numbers, unanimously and decisively demanded to “Abolish ICE”. To the majority of democratic minded American people, the “Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE” agency resembles the notorious 1930’s Nazi Germany “Gestapo” secret police which did operate only in secrecy without Judicial review.

Indeed, in these extraordinary times, TRANSPARENCY is the salvation. The concerned American people are extremely worried about the mental and physical conditions of the detained children in the detention centers or “Baby Jails” which are closed to the reporters and media.

Therefore, an Independent Fact Finding Commission by working people is in order.

A People’s Commission that consists of conscious Religious Leaders, Professional Medical Caretakers, Civil Rights Lawyers, Working Mothers and Fathers, Teachers and Progressive Journalists as a group should have access to all detention Centers and immigrants’ official records with full authority to publish their uncensored findings and their recommendations for immediate implementation.


Massoud Nayeri is a graphic designer and an independent peace activist based in the United States. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

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