Boycott the UK census over links to Lockheed Martin, protesters say. Deja vu for Canada census?
By Terry Burrows
Global Research, February 24, 2011
24 February 2011
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In the 2006 Canadian Census, Statistics Canada contracted out the collection and processing of Canadian private census data to US war monger/arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Being an American company LM is subject to the US “Patriot Act” which allows the US government full access to all information in the possession of any US company for its fraudulent “war on (of) terror.” Many Canadians strongly objected to this, especially the Orwellian intrusive “long form.”
The current 2011 UK census also has been contracted out to Lockheed Martin by the UK government, with the same attendant problems which are only worse now. There is considerable outcry in England to boycott the census.
Is the current Canadian census also again contracted out to Lockheed Martin? I haven’t looked into this yet. I suggest everyone asks some pointed questions of Statistics Canada and listen carefully to see if you accept their answers.
Acquiescence and complicity is a serious political as well as personal issue.
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