“Blanket of Darkness” over Tripoli. NATO Targets Electricity Generation. Launches Psychological Attacks
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
Global Research, August 07, 2011
7 August 2011
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TRIPOLI, Global Research – August 7, 2011 – The NATO bombardment of Libya continues relentlessly. More than 6,600 aerial bombings have been conducted against Libya. NATO is also coordinating terrorist attacks conducted by “rebels forces” against Tripoli and other Libyan cities.

On July 30, the Libyan television broadcasting buildings were bombed by NATO. Three Libyan journalists and fifteen other employees of the Libyan Broadcasting Authority were injured by the NATO attacks.

NATO has tried to justify these military attacks against the Libyan media and the death of the Libyan journalists by saying that it was required to “silence Qaddafi’s propaganda machine.”

Mainstream media journalists reporting out of Tripoli have ignored this act of aggression by NATO.

Many areas of Tripoli and the surrounding district have been experienced blackouts as part of an effort to preserve electric power.

The gas facilities in Zliten, east of Tripoli, where electricity is generated for the Libyan capital have been immobilized as a result of aerial bombardments. Two electricity towers, respectively in Jalo and Ojala were also deliberately attacked by NATO.

Electricity towers in other areas have also been attacked. A power station in Tiji, which the Libyan government is now in the process of repairing, was also attacked.

NATO’s objective is to create power shortages. The electricity blackouts in urban areas are part of NATO’s siege strategy against the Libyan people.

NATO and its Transitional Council proxies are deliberately pushing for blackouts in Libya as part of a military strategy. They have used the blanket of darkness to launch psychological warfare. The later consists in launching random attacks on Tripoli at night to create a state of fear and terror. Thus far these NATO attempts to create a state of fear have failed.

The mainstream media has remained silent about the blackouts in Tripoli and NATO’s strategy to create “a blanket of darkness” over Tripoli and surrounding urban areas.

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