Big Brother Canada: Real ID to be adopted in Canadian provinces
By Connie Fogal
Global Research, April 08, 2008
8 April 2008
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The REAL ID practice is coming to birth in various Canadian provinces as a result of federal and provincial commitments to “North American integration” under the 2001 Smart Border Declaration and the 2005 Security and Prosperty Partnership Agreement. The new liberty stripping identification is being slipped into Canadian drivers’ licenses incrementally in various provinces without a peep of dissent from media or any provincial or federal opposition parties.

The best the NDP and the Greens have mustered to date in opposition to the integration of North America is to work for renegotiation on NAFTA ( a uselss and deceptive action). They are totally silent on the police state apparatus coming into effect (of which biometric identifiers in drivers’ licenses is one part).

They are silent on the attack on Canadian liberty by our antiterrorist act, and they refuse to acknowledge the deliberate stifling of dissent by that act,and they refuse to expose the real role of the September 11, 2001 explosions in three New York buildings one of which was never hit by a plane as being the justification for the deliberate ultimate elimination of free citizenry under a police state apparatus.

At least in the USA there are some elected forces who can read and who understand the writing on the wall, and who still have the jam to defend their people.

Connie Fogal is leader of the Canadian Action Party. CAP/PAC

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