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The propaganda tricks used by the BBC are legion and powerful.  It starts with its motto – ‘Nation Shall Speak Truth unto Nation’.  One conduit is ‘News Review’ on BBC Radio 4 at 5.30am.  Quick fire propaganda starts with a ”news” round-up, followed by ‘On this Date’, ending with a ‘review of the papers’ – the trash that fills some mind bins in this formerly thoughtful country.  The Sun, shining out of Murdoch’s fundament, is read by over 5 million thinkers.  On This Date (OTD) can be powerful prop.  Imagine a database of many hundreds of events and how they can be selected to stigmatise the Muslim say.

This was heard via OTD last Sunday.  The BBC, or ZBC as many call it, has been promoting Blair for years.  In fact it did so, to order, from early in his ascendancy after the sudden death of John Smith.

The outgoing Labour Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair chaired his final cabinet meeting on the 21st of June 2007.  He received a standing ovation from some of his colleagues, a number of whom paid tribute to his record.

Patricia Hewitt, Mr Blair’s Health Secretary, summed up the mood.  (Her recorded voice came on.)  ‘It was a very emotional occasion, certainly for most of us.  The PM does not do sentimentality at all, so there was quite a lot of humour, there was a lot of humour, a great deal of warmth and a real sense that we we’ve been working as part of a team from Tony Blair and John Prescott all the way through the cabinet and the government.’ ”

Sounds like the school staff room hearing gentle tributes to a much loved teacher of the classics.  His warm wife of 40 years is there to take the flowers, and he the illuminated book in honour of the life long inspiration given to those many youngsters.  But no, the centre for these incestuous tributes from around the long table were for a paramount psychopath and war criminal. (2)  The sickly ‘standing ovation’ and all the rest was par.

A cabal of psychopaths behaves exactly like this, massaging the ego of the capo di tutti capi, submerging the many crimes in alcohol and perpetual lies.  ‘Buff’ Hoon was probably in the room.  He had threatened the use of nuclear weapons on Iraq if a disarmed Saddam had used WMD on the invaders.  As it was, none remained, and British soldiers quickly discarded their chemical weapon suits to save themselves from heat stroke.  My Lord Falconer was there.  He had successfully stifled a proper inquiry into the likely assassination of Dr David Kelly, our leading biological and chemical weapons expert.  So was ‘Jack’ Straw.  He was central in firing the starting gun for the annihilation of Iraq and its people as per Oded Yinon.  The political thug, John Reid, was probably ensuring the ovation was of the standing type.

Blair went on to use his ‘smile’, his slippery gibberish and his most devious personality as envoy to the Quartet, ostensibly searching for peace in Palestine and more widely.  He had good lodgings at the American Colony Hotel in what remains of Palestinian East Jerusalem.  He had several Israelis at senior positions in his office.  Many Palestinians were killed, maimed, imprisoned and tortured under his useless, partisan watch.  Here is one of thousands from the last ‘mowing of the lawn’, Operation Protective Edge (3), that took place some 50 miles from Mt Zion.  And he found other cover such as the Faith Foundation whilst he gathered £60 million pounds it is said.

A dark has fallen over the world.  The most evil creatures from the dark side of a dark planet seized power in many capitals many decades ago.  The belief that ‘no mother and child should be in the least harmed anywhere in our still beautiful world’ is not within one cell of them.

‘Ovation, humour!,warmth, part of a team’.  Just wait Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and the many hundred psychopaths you led into the bombardment and invasion of smaller nations, against laws the UK had been party to.  The world’s people are rising up at last.  The UN will cease being an apologist for the US/UK/Israel axis and law will be enforced.  After indictment and trial, followed by certain guilty verdicts, we have a place where humour and warmth will be more than sparse.  A cold concrete prison has been built in Tierra Del Fuego.  Loudspeakers in the ceilings will relay a continuous recording of weeping, wounded children.  And you will be up sharp at 5am for services held in the Judaeo-Christian traditions but dominated by ‘Christian’ Zionists.  You know them Tony.

Anti-Muslim and often inciting war from behind, whilst ‘O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that ..’ does the bidding.

We are sorry.  No ovations will be allowed.  We know this pool of sharks will not get on and only the strongest and wiliest will survive unto natural death.

Footnote.  The following and last item on OTD was the birth of Prince William at St Mary’s Hospital on the 21st of June 1982 to Princess Diana.  This is another little trick.  Add something warm that pulls the heart strings in order to soften, or change the complexion, of a preceding item.  The snag here is that it would have reminded the alert listener of the likely murder of William’s mother.





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