Balfour’s Britain and the Gaza Internment Camp in This Summer
By Dr. David Halpin
Global Research, July 09, 2018

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Britain has been baking in an unusual heat wave for some weeks.  32 Celsius is forecast today.  The pastures are brown but the reservoirs still healthy from a wet winter.  Carbon dioxide for the large variety of drinks has almost fizzled out.  Millions of English have been watching their soccer team on large screens round the country.  The cheering can be heard in Russia where the Fédération Internationale de Football Association is holding its World Cup.  England is to play Croatia in a semi-final.

We delay seeing beautiful flower borders at Castle Drogo run by the National Trust.  This was the last castle to be built in England from 1910 to 1930 and with Lutyens masterly hand upon its granite faces.  The vista from this high point westwards across Dartmoor is peerless.  ‘This England’ – so green, so beautiful and so damned complacent.  So forgetful of its vicious history.

The foursome, under the umbrella, discuss their ‘medical’ experiences in the luxurious Visitor Centre.  One was treated at home for ‘chest disease’ by a squad of nurses from his general practice.  Whilst they dally,  Skripal Mark 2 is being relayed to the gullible by every media element, led of course by the BBC.  The alleged poisoning by Novichok of a couple of friends, one of whom is a registered heroine addict we are told, was set running as happy scenes came back from Russia.  English soccer supporters were seen saying how friendly were the Russian people.  The Foreign and ‘Commonwealth’ Office and its lead, MI6, could not allow this; Russia is the evil enemy.  The nerve agent had to infused into the gullible English.  Sajid Javid (CFI)* and Home Secretary has said today

“We know back in March that it was the Russians. We know it was a barbaric, inhuman act by the Russian state.”  (1)  

In the same vein, Tom Tugendhat MP (CFI)* Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, accused the “Russian President of murdering 300 people in the Ukraine”.

2229 miles as the crow flies, ESE, is Gaza.  The temperature there is also 32 Celsius.  There is very little electricity for cooking, refrigeration, fans, computers, telephone charging and the rare air conditioning.  Food is scarce and good quality protein in particular so children are often stunted.  Iron deficiency limits full brain development.  Water is scarce and foul if it not produced by reverse osmosis. (2) 

The hospitals are full up with hundreds of adults and some children with terrible injuries caused by ‘explosive’ bullets in the Great March of Return.  These are probably expanding bullets which open like flowers, and worse than ‘dumdums’.  They cause massive wounds and smashed bones.  The destruction of soft tissue is so extensive and buried, that the vital excision of all dead tissue might not always be possible.  Infection then results.  Re-constructive surgery will be complex and generally not available in Gaza. (3)  The vicious blockade applied by Israel for these last 12 years, means that few wounded will be taken out as humanity requires.  Most limbs will survive but they will be ugly  with limited function.  Some bullets with explosives in the tip might have been used.  They certainly were when Imad Ghanem was being shot by the Only Democracy in the Middle East in 2007.  (4)  This journalist lost both legs.  This Luciferan ’round’ was banned in 1868 but did not inhibit Israel in its extraordinary cruelty.

About 130 humans have been killed by Israeli snipers in massive demonstrations against the ethnic cleansing of 80 % of the native Palestinian population by armed force and terror.  (Genocide – Lemkin)  They would have been buried in hours.  The prayers would have included supplication  for the deceased and for mankind.  Already, lithe and beautiful young humans will be in an advanced state of decomposition, lives stifled starting those 100 years ago with Balfour, Rothschild, Weizmann and the rest.  They planned, in essence, for this killing in the ‘Holy Land’.

We weep for this dear 13yr old boy – Yasser Abu al-Naja.  He knew loss already, his father having been killed by a US Hellfire missile via an Israeli drone. (5)  And we weep for this 21yr old young woman, Razan al-Najar, who was serving as a paramedic. (6)  She was hurrying to an injured comrade when she was shot in the chest by a brave Israeli sniper across the fence.  This piece by Professor Kamel Hawwash puts her courage and her life amongst the stars. 

How many of those cheering for an English soccer victory would know of Razan and Yasser, and of all our many thousands of sisters and brothers in Gaza who suffer, and have suffered, under the English heel?  The western media are complicit in the silent and terrible suffering so those that cheer are not informed, though that does change slowly.  Such grotesque suffering is never brought before the pretence of international law.

Palestine is the hinge of our humanity.  If the western nations continue to stand silently below the cross on which these fellow humans are hoisted, it will reflect on the morality of all and spur the societal disintegration that those with open eyes can see.

The engine of death grinds ceaselessly (7)  In the second battle of Gaza, there were over 3000 ‘Allied’ deaths.  The Palestinian and Arab deaths went uncounted.   Many of the ‘Allied’ were buried on the 2nd November 1917 on which day the Balfour Declaration was issued on an A4 piece of paper.      










*CFI = Conservative Friends of Israel 

Featured image is from The Bullet.

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