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The Truth About Cambridge Analytica-SCL: Psy-ops by UK-US Deep State Actors By Julie Hyland, March 26, 2018
Alleged Russian Meddling and Fake News? Former UK Minister Indicates Brexit Referendum “Deal” Between Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron By Julie Hyland, December 08, 2017
U.K Prime Minister May Deploys Anti-Russian Propaganda to Distract from Brexit Crisis By Julie Hyland, November 15, 2017
Official Account of Manchester Suicide Bombing Unravels By Julie Hyland, May 26, 2017
Anti-Russia “Fake News” Campaign Rolled out Across Europe. Moscow Tagged as a Sponsor of ISIS-Daesh By Julie Hyland, January 05, 2017
In Right-wing Putsch, UK Labour MPs Deliver Overwhelming Anti-Corbyn Vote By Julie Hyland, June 30, 2016
“Seismic Shock”: UK Vote to Leave the EU Triggers Economic and Political Crisis By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, June 24, 2016
David Cameron addresses the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester Getty Images
Cameron’s Attack on Migrants Spearheads Appeal to Far Right in the UK By Julie Hyland, January 29, 2016
Conservative Government Concealed UK Participation in Syria Air Strikes By Julie Hyland, July 18, 2015
Inquiry into Death of Alexander Litvinenko Opens in London By Julie Hyland, February 01, 2015
UK to Launch Enhanced “Anti-terror Measures” and Domestic Use of Troops By Julie Hyland, January 20, 2015
Cameron Announces Plans to Remove British Passports from Suspected Terrorists By Julie Hyland, November 18, 2014
Eastern Ukraine Faces Humanitarian Crisis as Kiev Steps Up Attack By Julie Hyland, August 04, 2014
UK Parliamentary Defense Committee demands NATO Prepare for Confrontation with Russia By Julie Hyland, August 01, 2014
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Retaliation against Moscow for Downing MH17: EU Announces “Forceful” Economic Sanctions against Russia By Julie Hyland, July 23, 2014
NATO’s Aggression against Russia and the Danger of War in Europe By Chris Marsden and Julie Hyland, April 07, 2014
The Bitter Taste of IMF “Economic Medicine”: What the US-backed Regime is Planning for Ukrainian Workers By Julie Hyland, March 15, 2014
The Fascist Danger in Ukraine. Resurgence of Neo-Nazism Denied by Western Media By Julie Hyland, March 06, 2014
Cynical Maneuvers to Implement a “Second Vote” in UK Parliament on Syrian Attack By Julie Hyland, September 03, 2013
The EU and the Attack on European Workers’ Wages By Julie Hyland, August 15, 2013
Britain’s Security Service: More Questions about MI5’s Relations with the Woolwich Killers By Julie Hyland, May 29, 2013
British Parliament Unites in Praise of Margaret Thatcher By Julie Hyland, April 11, 2013
Criminal Act: The European Union’s Financial Looting of Cyprus By Julie Hyland, March 29, 2013
Is Britain Intent Upon Leaving the European Union? By Julie Hyland, January 25, 2013
The Royal Pregnancy Phone Hoax By Julie Hyland, December 13, 2012
Europe sees unprecedented Social Polarization. “Poverty is Returning to Europe” By Julie Hyland, September 28, 2012
As Barclays CEO resigns: Libor manipulation scandal engulfs 16 top banks By Christopher Marsden and Julie Hyland, July 04, 2012
“Her Majesty’s Democracy”: Britain’s Parliament demands Violent Repression of Youth Riots By Julie Hyland, August 12, 2011
Former top aide to British prime minister arrested in Murdoch hacking scandal By Julie Hyland, July 09, 2011
France arms anti-Gaddafi forces By Julie Hyland, July 03, 2011
Britain’s Bankers Given a Free Rein by Government’s “Project Merlin” By Julie Hyland, February 14, 2011
Britain’s Prime Minister Whips Up Anti-Muslim Sentiment By Julie Hyland, February 09, 2011
More Evidence of Police Infiltration of UK Political Groups By Julie Hyland, February 01, 2011
Britain: Record fall in pay levels By Julie Hyland, January 03, 2010
The criminalisation of political dissent in Britain By Julie Hyland, April 19, 2009
Northern Ireland: Anxiety over “peace process” following shootings of soldiers, police officer By Julie Hyland, March 13, 2009
Serbs protesting Kosovo independence attack US embassy in Belgrade By Julie Hyland, February 22, 2008
British terror trial raises question of what MI5 knew about 2005 London bombings By Julie Hyland, May 09, 2007
What are Britain’s special-forces doing in northern Iraq? By Julie Hyland, April 17, 2007
The Liquid Bomb attacks: Pakistan drops terrorism charges against key suspect in Heathrow bomb plot By Julie Hyland, December 17, 2006
Britain: Observer claims threats by Washington prompted Heathrow terror raids By Julie Hyland, October 04, 2006
Contradictions, anomalies, questions mount in UK terror scare By Julie Hyland, August 18, 2006
British military investigator found hung in Basra By Julie Hyland, October 22, 2005