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Saudi Airstrike on Yemen School Bus Kills at Least 50, Mostly Children By Jason Ditz, August 11, 2018
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North Korea to Close Nuclear Testing Site? By Jason Ditz, April 21, 2018
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US-Led Coalition Civilian Killings Tripled in Iraq and Syria in 2017. NGO By Jason Ditz, January 21, 2018
Pentagon Proposes Nuclear First-Strikes to Counter Cyberattacks By Jason Ditz, January 18, 2018
US Deployed Nuke-Capable Bombers to Guam During Korea Talks By Jason Ditz, January 12, 2018
Trump Administration Prepares More Hawkish Position on Nuclear Arms. The Deployment of Mininukes By Jason Ditz, January 11, 2018
Mattis: North Korean Missiles Not a ‘Capable Threat’ Against US By Jason Ditz, December 22, 2017
Israeli Attacks Reported Near Damascus, Israeli Media Removes Story By Jason Ditz, December 04, 2017
US Arms Makers Sold $42 Billion in Weapons Overseas in 2017 By Jason Ditz, December 01, 2017
Pentagon to Admit to 2,000 Troops in Syria, Number Likely Far Higher By Jason Ditz, November 26, 2017
US Strikes Soaring in Afghanistan, Along with Civilian Deaths By Jason Ditz, November 09, 2017
US Military Battles Syrian Rebels Armed by CIA By Jason Ditz, September 03, 2017
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Air Force Chief: Israel Has Attacked Syrian Arms Convoys Nearly 100 Times in 5 Years By Jason Ditz, August 18, 2017
South Korean President Says He Can Veto War Against North Korea By Jason Ditz, August 18, 2017
Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis Threatens End of North Korea, ‘Destruction of Its People’ By Jason Ditz, August 10, 2017
Sen. Graham: Trump Says Destroying North Korea Is ‘Good Military Option’ By Jason Ditz, August 02, 2017
‘Furious’ US Complains of Russian ‘Lockout’ at Site By Jason Ditz, August 02, 2017
US Looks to Dramatically Escalate Involvement in Libya, Setting Up a Permanent Military Base By Jason Ditz, July 12, 2017
Even a US ‘Surgical Strike’ Against North Korea Could Lead to Full-Scale War By Jason Ditz, July 06, 2017
Trump Moves to Keep CIA Torture Report Secret By Jason Ditz, June 04, 2017
US Furious at UN Over Differing Afghan War Reports By Jason Ditz, December 05, 2016
After Attacking Yemen’s Houthis, US Admits They Don’t Know Who Fired Missiles By Jason Ditz, October 14, 2016
Brzezinski Urged US To ‘Retaliate’ Against Russian Forces In Syria By Jason Ditz, October 13, 2016
US Sends More Ground Troops to Iraq Ahead of Planned Mosul Invasion By Jason Ditz, September 09, 2016
US Killing Far More Civilians in Syria Than They’ll Admit By Jason Ditz, August 28, 2016
American Boots on the Ground. US Troops Take Over Syria Airbase. Kurdish YPG Gives US Sole Control Over Base By Jason Ditz, January 23, 2016
Kerry: US No Longer Seeking “Regime Change” in Syria? By Jason Ditz, December 16, 2015
Early ‘US, UK Intel’ on Sinai Russian Plane Bombing Came From Israel By Jason Ditz, November 09, 2015
US-Funded NGO in Syria Uses Old Photo to Claim Civilian Death in Russian Airstrikes By Jason Ditz, October 03, 2015
American Backed Syrian Rebel Group Has ‘Four or Five’ Syrians Left Fighting Against ISIS By Jason Ditz, September 19, 2015
Chechen Islamists Flock to Ukraine to Back Kiev Regime Against Donbass Rebels By Jason Ditz, July 10, 2015
Ukraine Claims ‘Thousands’ of Russian Troops Invaded, Offers No Evidence By Jason Ditz, August 30, 2014
House of Saud Gives Syrian Insurgents Anti-Aircraft Missiles with US Blessing By Jason Ditz, February 15, 2014
US Drone Attacks Pakistani Religious School, Killing Eight By Jason Ditz, November 21, 2013
Federal Judge Throws Out Abu Ghraib Torture Lawsuit: Torture by US Company Working for US Government Not a US Concern By Jason Ditz, June 28, 2013
US Deploys ‘Chemical Battalion’ to South Korea as Jitters Grow. US Insists Deployment ‘Coincidental’ By Jason Ditz, April 05, 2013
Jewish Home Surges in Polls: Israeli Politics Heads Even More Rightward By Jason Ditz, December 28, 2012
US Lost More Troops to Suicide Than Combat in 2012 By Jason Ditz, December 21, 2012
Wave of Bombings Batters Iraq in Deadliest Attacks in Months By Jason Ditz, December 18, 2012
Car Bombs Kill 24 Civilians on Outskirts of Damascus By Jason Ditz, December 14, 2012
Egypt Opposition Blasts Morsi for Withdrawing Edict By Jason Ditz, December 10, 2012