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Colin Todhunter is an extensively published independent writer and former social policy researcher. Originally from the UK, he has spent many years in India. His website is
Contamination and Bio-Pollution: The Criminality of the GM Biotech Industry By Colin Todhunter, March 01, 2014
Ukraine: The Lies Of Empire and the Smokescreen Of Democracy By Colin Todhunter, March 01, 2014
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“Economic Terrorism”: The Ongoing Neoliberal Assault on Ordinary Working Class People in Britain By Colin Todhunter, January 08, 2014
Edward Snowden: Power, Privacy and the Public Good By Colin Todhunter, December 26, 2013
Globalization: The Fast Track To Nowhere By Colin Todhunter, December 19, 2013
Biotechnology, GMO and Scientific Analysis: The Powers of Corporate Manipulation By Colin Todhunter, December 06, 2013
GMO, Additives, Contaminants and Pesticides. European “Food Safety” on Behalf of the Food and Drink Conglomerates By Colin Todhunter, December 04, 2013
General Elections in India: The Choice is “Globalization” or “More Globalization”. The Role of the Wall Street Lobby By Colin Todhunter, November 13, 2013
India’s Political and Economic Elites: Swiss Banks, Harvard And Mars, In India Everything Is Okay By Colin Todhunter, November 07, 2013
Mass Poverty and Social Inequality in India: The Devastating Impacts of the Neoliberal Economic Development Model By Colin Todhunter, October 30, 2013
Free Trade Agreements: The Bypassing of Democracy to Institute Economic Plunder By Colin Todhunter, October 14, 2013
India and the Impacts of “Globalisation”: The Race for the Upcoming 2014 Elections By Colin Todhunter, October 03, 2013
The Future is Local, the Future is Organic By Colin Todhunter, September 26, 2013
Hanging In The Mist: Mercury Contamination In South India By Colin Todhunter, September 26, 2013
The Global Elite’s Crimes Against Humanity: The Subversion Of Happiness And Truth By Colin Todhunter, September 19, 2013
Barack Obama on Syria in St Petersburg: “Selling War” to the “International Community” By Colin Todhunter, September 07, 2013
Cooked Up Evidence. Trying to Fool the Public over Syria By Colin Todhunter, September 01, 2013
War on Syria and the West’s Skin-Deep Morality By Colin Todhunter, August 27, 2013
GMOs and the Destruction of Indian Agriculture: Government in Collusion with the Biotech Conglomerates By Colin Todhunter, August 15, 2013
Mass Poverty and Social Inequality: India’s “Independence” for Whom and From What ? By Colin Todhunter, July 30, 2013
Globalization: What Price Our Future, Our Communities – A Bulging Swiss Bank Account? By Colin Todhunter, July 23, 2013
The Great EU-India Corporate Heist: Uncovering the Free Trade Agenda By Colin Todhunter, July 10, 2013
Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology and the Future Of Humanity By Colin Todhunter, July 09, 2013
Genetic Engineering: The Global Food and Agricultural Crisis By Colin Todhunter, July 06, 2013
Info Wars: Paranoia, Surveillance and an Empire in Decline By Colin Todhunter, July 01, 2013
Genetically Engineered “Terminator Seeds”. Death and Destruction of Agriculture By Colin Todhunter, June 29, 2013
Surveillance and the Police State: Let Us Hold It to Account By Colin Todhunter, June 28, 2013
US-EU Free Trade Agreement: A Corporate Stitch Up By Any Other Name By Colin Todhunter, June 22, 2013
Britain’s Surveillance State: The Secret Ops of the “Government Communications Headquarters” (GCHQ) By Colin Todhunter, June 22, 2013
Anglo-American Militarism: Don’t Worry About Surveillance, In Britain, Everything’s Okay By Colin Todhunter, June 12, 2013
The EU-India Free Trade Agreement, Corporate Driven Neocolonial Plunder By Colin Todhunter, June 07, 2013
Countering Imperialism: An Alternative Vision to Tyranny By Colin Todhunter, June 06, 2013
Blood on the Streets of London: Who will Protect us from the Real Extremists? By Colin Todhunter, May 24, 2013
Psychopathy, Politics and The New World Order By Colin Todhunter, May 09, 2013
Countering Hypocrisy: GMO Agribusiness and Nuclear Energy in India By Colin Todhunter, April 29, 2013
Political Opportunism. The Boston Marathon Tragedy Used as a Pretext To Extend the “Global War on Terrorism” By Colin Todhunter, April 24, 2013
The EU-India Free Trade Agreement: India up “For Sale” to Western Corporate Capital By Colin Todhunter, April 20, 2013
New World Order Political Puppets: How Thatcherism Paved the Way for Tony Blair and “New Labour” By Colin Todhunter, April 16, 2013
Thatcher’s Funeral: Celebrating Neoliberalism, Dead-End Journey of the British Working Class By Colin Todhunter, April 13, 2013
Margaret Thatcher and the Triumph of Crony Capitalism: “There is No Alternative” (TINA) By Colin Todhunter, April 09, 2013
Britain’s De-industralization and Privatization: The Economic and Social Legacy of Margaret Thatcher, “The Iron Lady” By Colin Todhunter, April 04, 2013
Genetic Engineering, Eugenics and the Ideology of the Rich By Colin Todhunter, March 29, 2013
The Value of Life vs. War and Mayhem. How Many Deaths Are Worth The Price? By Colin Todhunter, February 27, 2013
The “Alternative Media” Challenges Officialdom’s Views By Colin Todhunter, February 22, 2013
GMO Agribusiness and the Destructive Nature of Global Capitalism By Colin Todhunter, February 19, 2013
When Racketeering is Heralded As ‘Development’. The Demise of India’s Farmer in Favor of Western Agribusiness By Colin Todhunter, February 10, 2013
Globalization and Social Destruction: Stealing Wealth and Health in India By Colin Todhunter, February 07, 2013
The Lies Of Democracy and the Language Of Deceit By Colin Todhunter, January 18, 2013
The Cancer Cash Cycle: The Causes of Cancer and Ill Health By Colin Todhunter, January 11, 2013
“Endless Growth” Based on Consumerism. Is there an Alternative to Capitalism and Oligarchy? By Colin Todhunter, January 07, 2013
Genetic Engineering and the GMO Industry: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture By Colin Todhunter, December 30, 2012
The End Is Near: It’s Not Mayan Prophecy, It’s US Imperialism By Colin Todhunter, December 20, 2012
2012 In Focus: Bankers’ Banquet, Economic Recession and the Social Crisis By Colin Todhunter, December 15, 2012
New World Order “Conspiracy Theories”: Diversions and Deceptions By Colin Todhunter, December 06, 2012
Globalization in India: Social Reality Bites, Hard Labour In Chennai By Colin Todhunter, November 26, 2012
Product Endorsement And The Hegemons of Capitalism By Colin Todhunter, November 23, 2012