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Colin Todhunter is an extensively published independent writer and former social policy researcher. Originally from the UK, he has spent many years in India. His website is
Food Safety and the Pro-GMO Lobby: “Anti-science” and a Politically Motivated Agenda By Colin Todhunter, December 06, 2014
Corporate Greed and Disregard for Food Safety and Biodiversity: Food Sovereignty Should Not be Handed Over to the GMO Biotech Conglomerates By Colin Todhunter, December 03, 2014
Menace on the Menu: Development and the Globalization of Servitude By Colin Todhunter, November 27, 2014
Economic Plunder. The Comprehensive Economic And Trade Agreement (CETA), The Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP): Don’t Let Them Get Away With It By Colin Todhunter, November 20, 2014
Contaminating the Nation’s Food: GM Food on the Shelves of Britain’s Supermarkets By Colin Todhunter, November 11, 2014
Genetically Engineered Food: The Criminality of the GMO Biotech Industry. “Poison First, Regulate Later” By Colin Todhunter, November 09, 2014
America’s Political Subjugation of India Rests on Monsanto’s Overriding Control of Agriculture By Colin Todhunter, November 02, 2014
Monsanto Agritech Lobbying for the TTIP: Britain Spearheads Campaign to Make European GMO Regulation Meaningless By Colin Todhunter, October 29, 2014
Monstersanto Brings You… Cola In A Can By Isa Esasi and Colin Todhunter, October 27, 2014
The European Union’s Sham Democracy: EU Commission Instrument of Powerful Corporate Interests By Colin Todhunter, October 23, 2014
Behind the Mask of Altruism: Imperialism, Monsanto and the Gates Foundation in Africa By Colin Todhunter, October 16, 2014
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): A Brief History of an Agenda for Corporate Plunder By Colin Todhunter, October 14, 2014
World Food Day and the Family Farm: Celebrating the Bedrock of Global Food Production – by Destroying It By Colin Todhunter, October 11, 2014
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The GMO Biotech Lobby’s Emotional Blackmail and Bogus Claims: Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Crops Will Not Feed The World By Colin Todhunter, October 09, 2014
New European Commission Stacked With Corporate Lobbyists By Colin Todhunter, October 06, 2014
War and Economic Terrorism: Diverging Voices. David Cameron vs. Cristina Fernandez By Colin Todhunter, October 05, 2014
War, Neoliberal Fundamentalism and the Plundering of National Economies By Colin Todhunter, October 05, 2014
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Trojan Horse. Selling out Europe to US Corporate Plunder By Colin Todhunter, September 30, 2014
Cameron Leads Britain Into War Again By Colin Todhunter, September 28, 2014
Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Goods: EU Public Health Sacrificed on the Altar of Corporate Profit By Colin Todhunter, September 26, 2014
Biotechnology and the Agrarian Crisis: Streams of Profit, GMO and Rivers of Poison By Colin Todhunter, September 24, 2014
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Media Attacks Directed against the Critics of Biotechnology and Genetically Modified Agriculture By Colin Todhunter, September 10, 2014
America’s Gamble: Wealth, War and Power. “Russian Roulette” and the Drive To Nuclear Armageddon? By Colin Todhunter, August 31, 2014
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Oil, Blood, Confusion and Fear: Fuelling the Public’s “Appetite for War” By Colin Todhunter, August 24, 2014
Monsanto’s Biotech Public Relations Makeover: Lubricating the Wheels of the GMO Trojan Horse By Colin Todhunter, August 11, 2014
India: Selling Out To Monsanto. GMOs and the Bigger Picture By Colin Todhunter, August 08, 2014
The Worldwide Destruction of the Family Farm. Wall Street’s Unprecedented Land Grab By Colin Todhunter, August 05, 2014
GMO Contamination of the Food Chain. Devastating Health Impacts. EU Food Safety Regulators Turn “A Blind Eye” By Colin Todhunter, July 26, 2014
GMO Food Crops in India: BJP Government Grants the “Green Light” to Monsanto and the Biotech Conglomerates By Colin Todhunter, July 25, 2014
Dangerous Crossroads: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Warns the West. Accuses Washington of “Destabilization Tactics” By Colin Todhunter, July 24, 2014
Big Business Institutionalised Corruption and Financial Fraud in the European Union By Colin Todhunter, July 15, 2014
Organic Food Higher in Antioxidants and Lower in Toxic Metals and Pesticides By Colin Todhunter, July 13, 2014
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Corporate Hijack of Europe By Colin Todhunter, July 11, 2014
The Great Corporate Swindle: Creation of the World’s Largest Free Trade Area. Agribusiness Sets the US-EU TTIP Agenda By Colin Todhunter, July 09, 2014
Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide and Regulators “With Something to Hide” "Our Health Sacrificed for Commercial Interest" By Colin Todhunter, July 05, 2014
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Acquiescing to Big Biotech: Relentless Drive to Force GMO Crops into Britain By Colin Todhunter, July 02, 2014
GMO Crops in India, The Profit Driven Destruction of Agriculture By Colin Todhunter, June 24, 2014
Criminalising Dissent in India against GMOs and Monsanto By Colin Todhunter, June 20, 2014
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, A Thatcherite Revolution: “Free Trade”, Corporate Plunder and the War on Working People By Colin Todhunter, June 13, 2014
Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer et al.: Through Political Cooptation and Corruption, the GMO Biotech Sector is “Kicking Open the Door to Europe” By Colin Todhunter, June 06, 2014
How Global Agri-Business Destroys Farming By Colin Todhunter, May 30, 2014
Fast-tracking Neo-liberalism in India. Land Takeovers, Privatization, Mass Poverty… By Colin Todhunter, May 21, 2014
Monsanto Double Standards and the Crumbling “Scientific Myths” of the GMO Biotech Sector By Colin Todhunter, May 19, 2014
Democracy is Not For Sale in the European Union By Colin Todhunter, May 17, 2014
Trade, Climate, Finance and Agriculture. The European Commission’s Corrupt Reforms on Behalf of Big Business By Colin Todhunter, May 15, 2014
Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer CropScience: The GMO Biotech Sector can’t win the Scientific Debate. Co-optation, Deception and Collusion By Colin Todhunter, May 11, 2014
The GMO Biotech Sector’s Contempt For Democracy: Don’t Be Fooled By The Propaganda By Colin Todhunter, May 06, 2014
War, Economic Catastrophe and Environmental Degradation. Under the Guise of Progress and Development By Colin Todhunter, April 27, 2014
Secrecy and Lies: Government Collusion with the GMO Biotechnology Sector in Britain By Colin Todhunter, April 17, 2014
Corrupt to the Core, The Fire Power of the Financial System. The Destructive Impacts of Financial Markets By Colin Todhunter, April 09, 2014
The US-EU Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). Devastating Social and Environmental Consequences By Colin Todhunter, April 03, 2014
Shale Gas Fracking, GMO, Poverty, Bankruptcy: Stop the Corporate Plunder, Flush the TTIP Agreement, Campaign for an “Alternative Trade Mandate” By Colin Todhunter, April 02, 2014
Capitulating to Monsanto and Wall Street: What Future for India? By Colin Todhunter, March 24, 2014
Bio-Tech Propaganda: “GMO Food is Good for Your Health”, Killing the World by Feeding the World By Colin Todhunter, March 18, 2014
Honesty and Social Commitment: Tony Benn and Bob Crow. Two Men Who Shook The World By Colin Todhunter, March 15, 2014
Corrupt “Secret” Global Trade and Investor Agreements: EU Facilitating Corporate Plunder By Colin Todhunter, March 11, 2014
Business and Politics in the European Union: Institutionalised Corruption and the Revolving Door By Colin Todhunter, March 10, 2014
GMO and Monsanto Roundup: Glyphosate Weedkiller in our Food and Water? By Colin Todhunter, March 04, 2014
India Is Capitulating to the GM Biotech Industry. Genetically Modified Food Crops Destroying Agriculture By Colin Todhunter, March 04, 2014
Ukraine: Russia’s Response to a US-EU Sponsored Coup d’Etat. Violation of International Law? By Colin Todhunter, March 03, 2014