As Cameron Negotiates for Britain to Stay in Europe, His Government Buys Defence Equipment from Non-NATO Israel
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, February 16, 2016

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Why does the British government buy millions of pounds of generic drugs, for the NHS, from Israeli companies instead of from EU manufacturers and why do we buy arms and defence systems from a non­-European state that is outside NATO, rather than from the 27 member states of the European Union who comprise the NATO alliance with North America?

Israel is not bound by any EU law; is not in Europe and is not a contributor to European democratic values. It continues its illegal six year blockade of essential goods to1.8m civilians in Gaza in a failed attempt to bring about regime change and it continues its illegal settlement agenda in the Occupied Territories in an attempt to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state. These actions deliberately violate the Geneva Conventions and international law and are condemned by both the EU and the UN.

Israel refuses to be a party to the nuclear NPT, Non Proliferation Treaty, or to the international chemical or biological weapons agreements, signed by all EU member states, that ban the manufacture or use of such weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, the Israeli state is in continuous breach of the human rights provisions of an EU Association Agreement that currently affords it free access to the world’s largest single market: Europe.

Israel’s international lobbyists in cities around the world promote propaganda from their Foreign Ministry intended to exert influence on legislators in Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Canberra and Ottawa, in order to skew foreign and domestic policies of these governments to the political and economic advantage of their own state.

There must be a specific reason that the allegedly pro-European, Cameron government feels obliged to buy many millions of pounds of arms and goods from a maverick state in the Middle East rather than from its own European partners. Perhaps that reason has something to do with a specific lobby in London.

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