Apartheid and Genocide: US Supports Kagame Dictatorship and Political Oppression in Rwanda

Rwanda Youth Organization (RY4LCI) condemns USA over its recent declaration to continue incite wars, commit genocides and human atrocities, and support impunity in Great Lakes Region

The Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI) strongly condemns the United States of America (USA) for its inconsistent and fallacious behavior opposing the long-lasting pacification of the Great Lakes Region of Africa by SADC (Southern African Countries Development Community) initiative and FDLR (Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda) bravery to peacefully finding solutions through negotiations with Rwandan dictatorial regime led by war criminal and genocidaire President Paul Kagame.

Following the recent speech of President Obama’s special envoy to central Africa Russell Feingold at the USA president’s summit with African leaders in Washington; “We have to get rid of the FDLR, not so much because of their military capacity, but because of what they represent and the destabilizing effect that they have with regard to relations with Rwanda. That is our top priority,” he said. “I’ve been involved with efforts to communicate to them that it’s time for them to surrender. That they will be attacked militarily if they don’t. That there will be no political dialogue,” he also added.

The latter utterances show that the USA is undermining the values of democracy, freedom and peace in Africa as well as worldwide by supporting the malicious ideas and acts of dictatorship in Africa where it denies political dialogue between FDLR and Kigali dictatorial regime of president Paul Kagame. It appears bizarre for the USA which urged Democratic Republic of Congo to have political talks with the defeated M23 rebels who were fully supported by Rwanda and Uganda, and now it denies the political dialogue between Rwanda and FDLR for regional pacification.

This is a shame on the USA to intimidate the FDLR by continuing to help the Rwandan regime to exterminate these Hutus refugees, survivors of Rwanda RPF (Rwanda Patriotic Front) regime massacres in its systematic extermination of Hutu ethnic group people. These are abandoned refugees by international community in the forests of Democratic Republic Congo and when they found they were to be completely exterminated by the RPF army, they formed FDLR (Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda) a politico-military party in order to protect themselves against these RPF systematic and sponsored massacres against Hutus, and also to find how to help to return these refugees in their home country with dignity.

FDLR does not advocate for only these refugees hunted by Tutsis RPF regime in the forests of DR Congo for over two decades but also for other Hutus refugees scattered in African countries like the Central African Republic, Congo Brazaville, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe… as well as worldwide in general. These refugees are living in plight conditions with no international aid for basic subsistence, health or education. They are abandoned and everyone knows that the Rwandan regime has extensively propagandized that these Hutus are genocidaires and that they don’t deserve any international help. Instead they must return in Rwanda to be tortured, oppressed, imprisoned and killed.

It is a shame on the International community to have abandoned Rwandans and partnered with the dictatorial regime of President Kagame, hence helping him to make Rwanda increasingly divisive, oppressive, bloodstained and totalitarian than any other regime in its history.

For over the last 20 years, the UN and different human rights organizations have released many documented reports on how the President Kagame’s regime has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide against Hutus inside and outside Rwanda, and against Congolese where more than 6 million people perished. Those reports were half released, hidden, thrown in the cupboards of UN Offices or probably suppressed because the current regime in Rwanda is backed by USA and UK who are allied Kagame clique’s system instead of partnering Rwandans which is in contrary to what USA president Obama preaches where he said that “Africa does not need strong men, it needs strong institutions”.

Based on the recent change of Rwandan Genocide’s name to Genocide against Tutsis, this emphasizes that the International Community (UN) behavior towards Rwanda is very crooked and corrupted by President Kagame’s regime. This is absolutely senseless. The 1994 Rwandan genocide recorded victims to be more than 800,000. These victims were not Tutsis only; the majority of them were Hutus and Twas, therefore to rename it as if it was against Tutsis only, this is to discriminate Hutus and Twas victims of that genocide. This is too foolish that the world is writing wrong history. This is the product of impunity because the RPF after 1994 continued a genocide against Hutus and Congolese people until now and the perpetrators were never brought to book; instead they continue to commit atrocities against Hutus.

Disregard of the Hutus massacred in 1994 and before, aftermath until now more than 1 million Hutus in Rwanda and Congo were exterminated by the Tutsi RPF regime and no justice for them. More than 6 million Congolese Bantus were perished in great lakes region. The UN Mapping report released in 2010 explains more on these systematic extermination and ethnic cleansing by the RPF/RPA regime. The USA knows all these but as Nelson Mandela once said; “it doesn’t care for human atrocities, as it is visible to everyone.”

The Rwandan regime is dictatorial, there are no basic fundamental human rights; rights to freedom, rights to speak your mind, rights of peaceful assembly, rights to mourn Hutus massacred by RPF, rights to equal justice, etc. There is no democracy, no equality, and no reconciliation, there is no rule of law. With lack of all these qualities, USA and other supporters of this clique ruling Rwanda want no negotiations for regional pacification. This is so absurd that USA supported M23 rebel’s talks with DR Congo and now it encourages UN peace keepers to kill these refugees that FDLR tried to protect. Let’s have an overview of how Hutus are actually living inside Rwanda where USA wants these Hutus refugees to go without negotiations with Rwanda.

Apartheid and Genocide against Hutus is ongoing in Rwanda

Extreme discrimination against Hutus (Apartheid)

To understand the reasons of FDLR and any other opposition parties to claim the peaceful negotiations with Rwanda dictatorial regime, one must know how the current fascistic regime of Kigali is, and how horrendous Rwandan people especially Hutus are mistreated, systematically discriminated, intimidated, imprisoned, killed and persecuted in their own country. They live as slaves, they live as beggars, they live humiliated in their native country and no body to raise a voice to defend or advocate for them and anyone who tries is killed if not accused of genocide ideology, to cause country security threat, and country or president defamation… The example of Madam Victiore Ingabire who is in jail from 2010 and was sentenced for 15 years for forged accusations because she challenged the Kigali regime on democracy, freedom and when she was at Kigali memorial center, she said that the Hutus must also be allowed to mourn their families perished in genocide and other massacres. Hutus inside Rwanda are extremely miserable, starving, called genocidaire, called to kneel in front of Tutsis and beg them for pardon that their ethnic group killed Tutsis as it is the case of the NDI UMUNYARWANDA framework designed by RPF system to know exactly the number of Hutus and where they are in government services or elsewhere so that they can know how to shorten their number as low as they can.

The Hutu survivors inside Rwanda are living in bestial life conditions, they are totally discriminated in all government services; no education, no health services, no jobs neither in public nor in private sectors, in agriculture where most the Rwandan population gain the subsistence crops. The regime banned them to cultivate their preferred food crops hence they starve and in some areas they systematically expropriate them and burn their plants without indemnity. They are extremely humiliated more than enough, the Hutus children are called genocidaire while most of them are orphans, survivors of RPF systematic massacres; they can’t get government support for example in education sponsorship, while their fellow Tutsis who were even born after 2010 are called Tutsi genocide survivors and gain more than enough; the latter (Tutsis) are grouped and trained from primary level to university level; they make sure they know each other one by one and in holidays they are gathered in camps for training to know the domination values as Tutsis and are thought that Hutus are their enemies, that they have to work hard and learn hard in order to dominate Hutus in the future; hence Hutus will become their slaves. On the secondary and university level, Tutsis are given holiday jobs like in National statistics institute, working in censuses, data collections, working in call centers and in any mass employment institutes or companies, etc… they are systematically selected in their groups and when one institutions need workers they are ordered to approach those so called Tutsis genocide survivors associations because they have enough baggage of knowledge needed as they are first gainers of country’s wealth.

This Tutsis led regime has gone too far in segregation against Hutus to the extent now in Rwanda, there are many Tutsis

colleges and academies well sponsored by the government or called private to masquerade as is the example of the Gashora girls school, Green Hills academy of First Lady Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi, FAWE girls school, Riviera High School, etc.

All the Tutsis in Rwanda at all levels are grouped in their associations, clubs and government commissions like IBUKA, AERG (Associations des étudiants rescapés du genocide), FARG ( Fonds pour Assistance des Réscapés du Genocide), AVEGA AGAHOZO, CNLG (Commission National de Lutte Contre le Genocide), Pro-Femmes Twese Hamwe, BARAKABAHO, NEVER AGAIN and many more. They are encouraged to group themselves in many more associations to get more international aid through different NGOs. The big associations hire different experts in different domains to create more marketable projects for the small Tutsis associations countrywide and those big ones are there to fund the small ones looting the government people’s money and to find international sponsorship using those projects. They find international scholarship for them; advocate for them at all levels to make sure the domination of Tutsis in all levels is met as it is on the Tutsi RPF system agenda.

In this case we can give an example of Imbuto Foundation; this is the first lady Jeannette Kagame Nyiramongi’s initiative which loots the people’s money in government to sponsor the Tutsis associations and also advocates for them worldwide to get more funds not only for them but also for Kagame’s family profits.

In the pictures above Imbuto Foundation ends training camp cessations of more than 300 Tutsi girls from AERG (Students Association of Genocide survivors) on 30 May 2014. Note that no Hutus are mixed with all these ladies and Rwandan government spread lies that no ethnic division in Rwanda. The problem USA, UK and the other Kigali dictatorial regime of Kagame allies close their eyes to see the truth because of their looting interests in great lakes region where Kagame regime is proxy to them and most those allies are conspirators of the wars and genocides waved the great lakes region.


In below pictures, the Imbuto Foundation of the first lady Jeannette Kagame was celebrating the end of retreat of more than 400 Tutsi girls in AERG university student girls retreat on 6 October 2013.

They also invite various government and Tutsi associations’ organs to mentor them, they use government resources to instill this discrimination against Hutus, and they teach hatred against Hutus, they teach them dominance against Hutus, etc. They teach them that Hutus are genocidaires that they killed their relatives and still want or plan to kill them, that they must not get married with them, that they cannot get associated with them in any way in ordinary life that they must fight them if Hutus say they want to mourn their relatives massacred by RPF regime.

For people deceived by the corrupted western media this appears bizarre for they know that in Rwanda there is reconciliation as preached by Rwandan dictator with his cronies. There is no reconciliation at all in Rwanda but more hatred, more division, more intolerance, more injustice, more oppression, more human rights abuses and more evils as one can imagine.

It is absolute truth because what the regime preaches in public and in international media is in contrast of what is there; they say that no more ethnic groups in Rwanda after RPF took power in 1994, that all Rwandans are regarded as Rwandans without any discrimination, that all Rwandans have equal opportunities in their countries, that all Rwandans are judicially equal, that in Rwanda there is a democracy: freedom’ transparency, accountability, that and that and that…but this is totally wrong. If there is no ethnic segregations and persecution, how can you manage to gather such numbers of Tutsis only in country? The entire country’s wealth is in the hands of Tutsi clique and Kagame’s cronies. Remember these marginalized Hutus make more than 80 % of the entire Rwandan population.

The images below show president Kagame Paul mentoring the Tutsi youth at the Amahoro small stadium on 26/11/2012 who were ending the camping of AERG students association retreat and all the president was emphasizing is the hatred where he tells them to know who they are (Tutsis), where they are coming from, that the Hutus are born evils and with genocide ideology so that the Hutus must beg them the pardon, and that they must fight the genocidaires as the Kagame regime has set all means and resources available for them to fight these genocidaires (Hutus). Hutus in Rwanda and worldwide live in daily harassment, humiliation, hunt and persecution of all levels. Note that all the youths here are Tutsis only.

This is beyond imagination to some foreign people but Rwandans, whether Hutus, Tutsis and Twa, know their reality even if they are silenced by the ruling regime clique. The RPF regime hired and corrupted the Western and international media to praise the Kigali regime with its dictators that Rwanda has made a great pace of progress after genocide of 1994, the regime backed by USA and UK, corrupted almost all UN organs where the UN is working as a mercenary of president Kagame Paul’s regime to help spread lies and abuse Human rights in great lakes region. The UN commissions like UNHCR strongly abuse the Hutu refugees worldwide, especially in Africa where it suspended all help like rations, education support and many more granted by refugees. They are deprived their all fundamental rights as refugees and nobody cares for their vulnerability.

When foreigners first set foot in Rwanda they are falsely told how far Rwanda has progressed after the Hutus massacred Tutsis, they compel them to visit different genocide memorial sites and they are told that all skulls and skeletons remains there are Tutsis only while more than 50 % of them claimed to be Tutsis are Hutus remains massacred by RPF and collected in those memorial centers for international show and business. Because all the laws in Rwanda curb Hutus at all levels, no one can speak out on his story. Hutus are not allowed to mourn their beloved ones, the RPF regime system can’t allow foreigners traveling freely without spy squad behind them to prevent and frighten the Hutus to meet with them and tell their plight life and grievances. In the embassies or international NGOs they make sure the regime get Tutsis RPF spy agents there so that Hutus are banned everywhere in the life of country and when one tries is killed. No Hutus who can make an association or high business without Tutsis RPF consult. When you have a very good and money gaining project, they make sure Tutsi RPF get shares in it and RPF ends owned the entire project and Hutus dismissed.

There is mass killings in Rwanda: ongoing genocide against Hutus

From 1990 when RPF junta invaded Rwanda backed by Uganda, USA and its allies RPF had a clear plan to exterminate Hutus, Twa and Tutsis who did not want to join them in the forests, it considered any Tutsi who didn’t join it as part of Hutus and Twa. From then until now the RPF is still implementing their dirty plan (hidden agenda) to exterminate all Hutus wherever they are worldwide. More than two millions Hutus have perished so far and RPF is still on its pace to exterminate Hutus. To understand how furious and systematic Hutus extermination is, Tutsis RPF regime has nowadays chosen a plan to blaze prisons and more than thirty thousand (30,000) Hutus perished in this process of prisons blaze where they were abducting prisoners to massacre in name of transfers to other prisons so that other fellow prisoners cannot question what happening and try to claim. The recent prisons set on fire are two prisons of Muhanga central prison in Gitarama and Nyakiriba prison in Rubavu (Gisenyi) respectively on 5 June 2014 and 7 July 2014, i e within one month. This happened following 1 or 2 months more than sixteen thousand (16,000) Hutus massacred in Northern West province in Nyabihu district and the RPF regime said they don’t know their whereabouts, and simply said that they disappeared.

The above picture is Muhanga prison in Gitarama set on fire on 5 June 2014 and this happen alongside the slow systematic massacres of these Hutus prisoners where they are daily beaten, killed abducted, starved and poisoned. More than 80% of Hutus who terminated their sentence when they come out for normal life, consequently they cannot pass 1 or 2 years alive, they die.

The picture above shows the Hutus daily plight life in prisons. These are prisoners in Gitarama central prison, hung cuffed and crucified.

The above picture is Rubavu central prison in Nyakiriba, Gisenyi set on fire on 7 July 2014.

These came after the president of Rwanda Paul Kagame on his visit in Nyabihu district, Northern West province on 5 June 2014 pledged to kill anyone who criticize his regime, “Those who talk about disappearances… we will continue to arrest more suspects and shoot them in broad daylight and those dissidents who intend to destabilize our country” he said amid applause, in the response to human rights organizations and United States who are deeply concerned of spate arrests and disappearances of Rwandan citizens inside and outside the country.

After this speech many people (Hutus) were shot to death by the police, others killed strangled or chopped in their houses by Tutsi RPF regime death squad.

From last year, 2013, many Hutu students were denied from getting government sponsorship and claimed to have equal opportunity in education system as their fellow Tutsis, some were arrested and forced to go to fight to the defeated then M23 rebels where many were killed, other disappeared and others now are in prison wrongly accused to incite strikes and state terrorism.

Nowadays, the Hutus deaths escalate to the extent if nothing imminently done these Hutus are going to perish in big mass more than it was in 1994 and after.

It is so sad that now the USA seeks to intimidate and kill more than 250,000 Hutu refugees abandoned by the international community and living in bestial conditions in the tropical forests of Congo. This USA fallacy, genocide conspiracy and human rights undermining must be fought against by all the people who defend human rights because the USA for over 2 decades conspired in this genocide against Hutus and Bantus people in great lakes region by sponsoring Rwanda RPF regime and Uganda led by USA proxy super-dictators president Paul Kagame and president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni respectively.

Briefly, Hutus inside Rwanda are subjected to daily torture, humiliation, harassment, imprisonment, killings and persecution of all levels. What happening in Rwanda is apartheid and genocide against Hutus. The international community must wakeup to stop these acts of genocide against Hutus for over two decades and urge the Rwandan dictatorial regime to stop it, and bring to book all perpetrators.

The following documentary film entitled 24 years of genocide against Hutus horror, shows an overview of that genocide against Hutus.


Following the brief overview of the plight life of Hutus, extreme discrimination (apartheid against Hutus), ongoing genocide against Hutus in Rwanda and outside especially in DR Congo, the impunity in great lakes region, etc… We, the Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI) make the following statements:

–          Strongly denounces the USA government statement through President Barak Obama’s special envoy to central Africa Russell Feingold speech at the USA president’s summit with African leaders in Washington which denies the peaceful negotiations between FDLR as well as other opposition parties and Rwanda dictatorial regime.

–          RY4LCI instead calls United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), SADC, ICGLR and all other human rights defenders, and friends of peace in the great lakes region to come together to urge Rwanda dictators to have negotiations with FDLR and other opposition political parties for the rebuilding of peace and human dignity in the great lakes region.

–          RY4LCI calls International Community to compel Kigali’s totalitarian regime to stop the ongoing genocide and apartheid against Hutus in Rwanda as well as in the region.

–          RY4LCI demand the immediate release of Madam Victoire Ingabire and other political prisoners so that they can contribute in rebuilding of democracy, freedom, reconciliation, unity and human rights dignity in Rwanda.

–          We demand UN to make an independent investigation into ongoing apartheid and genocide against Hutus in Rwanda

–          We also demand the UN to set up an independent tribunal court for Great Lakes Region of Africa to bring to book all perpetrators in order to eradicate chronic impunity and human rights abuses in this region.

On behalf of Rwandan youth, RY4LCI profits this opportunity to strongly thank FDLR as well as SADC and democratic republic of Congo for the enthusiastic peaceful initiative to find solution through negotiations with Rwanda. This is a great opportunistic step for Africans to find their own way of conflicts resolution through dialogue because we are the one who suffer from conflicts violence and wars, let us be victorious to end this myth that African leaders can’t resolve their own problems without relying on Westerns. We have learnt from our ancestral heroes that we can, let’s the spirit of our continent heroes like Nelson Mandela’s legacy to resolve problems without violence and live in harmony one another live in us and future generations.

Done on 20th August 2014

For Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI)

Michel MUSHIMIYIMANA, Founder and Executive Director

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