Antisemitism is a Two-Edged Sword that Plays Into the Demand by Netanyahu that All Jews Emigrate to the Israeli State
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, August 16, 2014

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These last days have seen a dramatic rise in reported antisemitism throughout Europe, and as far afield as South Africa, as a direct result of the invasion of Gaza and the killing of 1000 defenceless civilians.

The powerful American-Israel lobby has, by its undue influence upon the US Congress and by its support for Binyamin Netanyahu, inflamed anti-Israeli feeling throughout Europe in response to the alleged criminal killing of hundreds of women and children in Gaza, and by the continuing illegal settlement of nearly 500,000 Israeli citizens in the Occupied Territories.

Today the lobby has succeeded in ensuring that the future for any European Jewish community is now deemed questionable due to the dangerous rise in antisemitism resulting from the horrific massacre of the indigenous people of former Palestine.

Consequently, the Israel lobby has tragically given anyone now deemed connected with its client state, ‘pariah status’ which is why today’s London Jewish Chronicle reports on its front page that ‘Almost two-thirds of British Jews have questioned their future in the UK …’

That antisemitism has once again become resurgent three quarters of a century after the Nazi holocaust is a tragedy that need never have occurred but for the uncontrolled, sectarian activities of a powerful, unelected minority.

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