Al-Qaeda in Lebanon: More Neocon Hooey


Not only is the omnipresent “al-Qaeda” at work in Gaza (see previous post) but if we are to believe Reuters and the New York Times, the custom-made (by the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI) terrorist outfit is also busy at work in Lebanon, firing missile salvos into northern Israel. “The lion sons of al Qaeda launched … a new attack on the Jewish state by launching 10 missiles … from the Muslims’ lands in Lebanon on selected targets in the north of the Jewish state,” a “statement” on a supposed “al-Qaeda” website claims. “The statement could not be authenticated, but was posted on a main Web site frequently used by Iraqi insurgent groups. It did not give the date of the attack,” Reuters adds. No explanation here why U.S. military intelligence has not attacked or taken down a website run by “Iraqi insurgent groups,” unless of course this particular website is a Pentagon black op.

Fortunately, at least somebody in Israel is not buying the “al-Qaeda” in Lebanon fantasy. “For this to be true, it would mean that al Qaeda, a virulently anti-Shi’ite group, has penetrated the heartland of Hizbollah, a virulent Shi’ite group, on such a scale that it can mount a rocket salvo independently… This claim should be regarded with extreme skepticism,” warns “Israeli security sources,” according to Reuters.

But never mind. Here in America, where it is believed Muslims are all pressed out of the same militant mold, the hare-brained idea is big news. “If the reports are accurate, the attack on Israel may be a strong indication that Al-Qaeda is expanding its terrorist activities and is continuing to establish bases in countries friendly to its terrorist ideologies,” speculates the Conservative Voice. In other words, Hezbollah, a Shi’ite organization initially formed to kick Israeli invaders out of Lebanon, is “friendly to [al-CIA-duh] terrorist ideologies,” probably including the dead al-Zarqawi’s declared jihad against “infidel” Shia Muslims, resulting in dozens of suicide bombings in predominately Shia Iraq. Never mind this makes less than absolutely no sense—as demonstrated, casual news readers in America will buy just about anything when it comes to Islamic terrorism (remember: Saddam was in cahoots with Osama on nine eleven, although this preposterous idea is now losing credibility—after more than four years—with the American people who are habitually slow to adopt reality and are bereft of common sense, thanks to their dependence on the corporate media, essentially a subsidiary of the CIA by way of Operation Mockingbird and other diligent and long-standing mass propaganda efforts).

It stands to reason, if we follow the sort of convoluted logic offered by the Conservative (or neocon) Voice, that Syria is a country friendly to “al-Qaeda” terrorist ideologies as well. “Hizbullah has been using Russian-made RPG rockets purchased by Syria to target Israel, outgoing IDF Intelligence Chief Aharon Zeevi-Farkash charged,” reports the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. Meanwhile, Kommersant, the Russian newspaper owned by fugitive Israeli citizen and criminal oligarch Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, ran this accusation as gospel truth with the headline “Israelis Hit by Russian Missiles.”

CNN, the one-time domain for the Pentagon’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group, was not as blunt as the house organ for the Zionist Berezovsky. “In what may be a sign that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s terror group is expanding its operations, Al Qaeda in Iraq has posted a statement claiming responsibility for firing missiles from Lebanon into northern Israel earlier this week,” CNN reports. “It is not clear why Al Qaeda in Iraq—a Sunni Arab terror group that has launched attacks against Shiite targets inside Iraq—would be operating in southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah frequently fires rockets across the border into Israel. Hezbollah has strong ties with Iran, a Shiite country.”

Indeed, it is not clear at all—in fact the claim is absurd. But then so is the claim al-Zarqawi, long ago documented as dead (and also said to be of sub-standard intelligence when he was alive, not exactly the best candidate to run a sprawling “insurgent” movement in Iraq), has expanded his fantastical operation into Lebanon, regardless of the obviously insurmountable and mind-boggling logistical nightmares associated with such a maneuver.

Of course, it is plain as day why we are weathering these stupid and admittedly baseless claims—because it is part of the neocon plan to bombard us daily with a ceaseless stream of anti-Muslim propaganda in preparation for attacks to come (and not necessarily invasions; as the case with Syria demonstrates; the plan is isolate the country and impose United Nations sanctions, ultimately—as the neocons and the Jabotinksy Zionists would have it—resulting in the sort of society-wide disaster that occurred in Iraq after more than a decade of murderous sanctions, killing 500,000 Iraqi children).

As well, the neocons and their Israeli taskmasters are working overtime to peg legitimate resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon as purveyors of the sort of bloody serial murder attributed to “al-Qaeda,” a largely chimerical boogeyman. Of course, this plan is destined to fail because people living under occupation—in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon under the unsuccessful Israeli occupation—will continue to resist as it is basic human nature to resist such criminal depredation.

Articles by: Kurt Nimmo

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