A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Nuclear War with Russia? “Unparalleled Menace to World Peace”
By Stephen Lendman
Global Research, November 07, 2016

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On the eve of arguably the most important election in US history, most Americans don’t understand the stakes involved.

One issue dwarfs all others in importance – possible humanity threatening nuclear war under Hillary v. Trump’s sense enough to shun the unthinkable. One or the other will become America’s 45th president.

Sadly, it won’t be Jill Stein, an anti-war, anti-corporate predation, ecosane true progressive, her agenda promising governance of, by and for everyone equitably.

She’s the only presidential candidate warning about the risk of Hillary starting nuclear war with Russia. She doesn’t sleep well at night, she said, thinking about the ominous possibility.

Hillary represents an unparalleled menace to world peace, stability and security. In the 1990s, she partnered with husband Bill in raping Yugoslavia, along with maintaining criminal sanctions on Iraq, responsible for killing 5,000 children under aged five monthly – genocide by any standard.

She supported all US post-9/11 wars of choice, entirely against countries threatening no one – as Secretary of State, orchestrating devastating aggression on Libya and Syria, both countries mired in endless violence, chaos and immiseration of their people.

Her anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Iran militancy risks thermonuclear war no one can win, threatening everyone everywhere.

Consider the enormous risk of a third Hillary and Bill Clinton co-presidency, she in the lead role with her finger on the nuclear trigger as US military commander-in-chief, an emotionally unstable neocon lunatic able to squeeze it at her discretion – unconstrained by Congress, public sentiment or international and constitutional law.

US voters on November 8 should focus on the most vital issue of our time. Should they trust a presidential aspirant assuring endless imperial wars, a possible thermonuclear one, threatening life on earth?

Trump believes partnering with Russia to defeat the scourge of ISIS makes sense – not waging war on a nuclear super-power like America, assuring losers, not winners and utter devastation on both countries.

Who do you prefer leading America – a lunatic fringe war goddess or a billionaire more interested in profits than mass destruction.

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