The A-symmetric West-Iran Conflict: Danger Ahead!
By Jan Oberg
Global Research, March 03, 2021
The Transnational
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With what right has the West, the US in particular, treated Iran the way it has since the CIA/MI6 coup d’etat – regime-change – in 1953?

With war threats, primary and secondary sanctions, ganging up, liquidation, demonization, closing down of media, diplomatic exclusion, shooting down a civilian plane and giving the pilot a medal, and telling Iran not to have what you can’t live without – such as nuclear weapons.

The argument is that that is how we treat somebody whose policies and behaviour we don’t like. OK, and so, what about those who do not like Western policies and behaviour?

Second, that is the way we force somebody to change and become like us.

As if ethics and philosophy mattered the slightest in international politics, I would ask: Do we have a right to do to others what we would never accept them doing to us?

And is there one example under the sky that such multi-decade, maximum – violent – pressure has lead to the desired change and solved the conflict? Vietnam? Russia? Cuba? Afghanistan? Iraq? Libya? Syria?

The US/NATO and other West need a completely new way of thinking about these things and getting its own house in order first.

But what we see is only a repetition of the outdated, intellectually poor and manifestly failed approach based on raw power and might makes right.

While trying to look strong, it is a sign of weakness and decline. It is tragically self-defeating too.


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