A New Economic System is Emerging: The NYT “Reports and Distorts”, Head of the OSCE Meets with President Putin

The New York Times– bullhorn of lies for Washington – reports on 8 May 2014, with skeptical intonation and depreciative connotation on Mr. Putin’s press conference of Wednesday, 7 May, where he made a number of important steps of good-will towards easing the tension in Ukraine.

He recommended that the pro-Russia protestors postpone their referendum until after the Ukraine vote on 25 May. He also declared withdrawing Russian troops from the Ukrainian borders and suggested dialogue-dialogue-dialogue among the warring parties, including the opposition. He supported Ms. Merkel’s proposal of a round table discussion – and foremost, he asked all parties to abstain from violence.

This all happened in the context of a high-level meeting between Mr. Putin and the head of OSCE, who also happens to be the President of Switzerland.

However, the NYT article does not mention with one single word this important act of mediation between the Mr. Putin and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, of which Russia is a member –meeting that prompted the press conference in the first place.

Why would the prominent NYT not even mention the high-level OSCE mediation attempt?

Simple. Mentioning the President of OSCE conferring with Mr. Putin, would render the paper’s subsequent lies and slanders of the Russian leader, the only real statesman the world knows at present, highly questionable.

This is how the reporting on the ‘press conference’ is framed, “President Vladimir V. Putin, faced with rising violence in southeastern Ukraine that threatened to draw in the Russian Army at great cost and prompt severe new Western economic sanctions, pressed pause on Wednesday in what had started to look like an inevitable march toward war.

“But it remained unclear to analysts and political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic whether he was truly reversing course on Ukraine or if this was just another of his judo-inspired feints”.

While Mr. Obama apparently welcomes “a Russian military pullback” – the white House spokesman gratuitously and without a shred of proof added“there has been no evidence that such a withdrawal has taken place.” A statement that was confirmed by NATO officials – of course, what else! – And reported by the NYT.

The House of Brits, aping the White House, reacted equally with strong skepticism, putting more negative spin on Mr. Putin’s good-will. At least, according to the NYT,

“one official said that satellite photos that would better verify Mr. Putin’s assertions [of troop withdrawal] would take a while to come through.”

Later in the day more deprecating news appeared in the western media. References to Mr. Putin’s alleged untrustworthiness wereaccusing him of deliberate lack of influence over the pro-Russian demonstrators, to earlier broken promises of troop withdrawals (a sheer invention by Washington)and finally the ‘Crimea annexation’. For those who are still in doubt, Crimea was NOT annexed. By an act of self-determination as part of Crimea’s constitutional status of autonomy, 96% of Crimeans voted to re-join Russia of which they were part until 1954, and the Duma, the Russian parliament ratified their decision.

Such negative statements a few hours after Mr. Putin’s pronunciations are sowing but bad blood. No credit is given to the Kremlin’s good-will – good-will to mediate, good-will to stop the western inflicted violent disaster in Ukraine. There is never even an iota of a mention in the western media of the CIA-NATO-State Department evil troika’s instigation of the illegal coup and to its continuous support – financial and with military personnel. The continuation of US-led western anti-Russia propaganda is only aiming at increasing public pressure for war.

Whatever Mr. Putin does is not good enough. He will be forever criticized by the West and demonized with falsehoods, lies and slander.

This is an unequivocal war campaign carried out by the United States of America; until now with the connivance of European puppets. However Europe, led by Germany, is increasingly realizing that conflict with Russia will have nefarious consequences for Europe, as their dependence on trade with Russia, especially on energy, far outranks that with the US.

In its quest for absolute world hegemony, Washington closely follows the Road Map PNAC – Plan for a new American Century – a Road Map of endless wars and conflicts comparable to the 300 years of PaxRomana, the bloodiest period of the Roman Empire. The United States of America has developed during the last century into a sledgehammer culture, a culture of brutal wars at any price. It is no coincidence that the PNAC was originally called Pax Americana. The similarities of unwarranted violence and deception of populations are striking.

The sledgehammer culture has a distinct disadvantage. Due to its sheer rudeness  it has lost its susceptibilities to what is really going on around it and within it – increasing, though so far unspoken dissent for the former, and abject poverty, unemployment (in contrast to official statistics, real unemployment exceeds 20%), child malnutrition, in case of the latter. This insensitivity may turn into an advantage – a backlash by the people from within as well as from without, may come as a surprise.

The American Empire reached a point of no return: its economy is entirely dependent on war – bloody violent wars to bend non-conforming nations into its fold and at the same time aliment the mighty and all powerful US war industry. The US military / security complex and its related industries devour more than 50% of the national budget and contribute a similar amount to the US GDP. Without it the economy would collapse.

With the addiction for power, the US economic needs are hell-bent towards a never ending rise of weapons manufacturing, similar to the times after WWII, when the arms race – the Cold War – was the pillar of the growing US economy.The US economy (sic) has become an economy of destruction. The Western boundless neoliberal free market economy, nurtured by a nefarious Machiavellian banking system is the instrument that makes the machinations of this killing machine possible.

As Bill Dores eloquently compares in his piece in Global Research (May 8, 2014)

“In the Cleveland massacreof 1872, John D. Rockefeller drove hundreds of independent [oil] drillers out of business to create the Standard Oil trust. Apologists for capitalism have justified such practices as creative destruction.In its time of decay, the U.S. monopoly capitalist class and its state apparatus must destroy in order to survive”(emphasis added).

 The time of the empire’s decay has started. It must not be allowed to destroy more civilizations, more of the environment and cause more bloodshed until the world lies in ashes. In fact, the only way to prevent such disaster of global dimension is by introducing a new economic and financial monetary system; one that does not thrive on fiat money, unchecked banking and unlimited corruption of a reigning elite, but rather on an economy that is backed by its founders labor, scientific and cultural output, as well as by its sense of protecting the earth’s resources and societal health.

Such a system is in the making – by the BRICS(A) – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (and Associates). Just to repeat, in case you have not read this before, the BRICSA control about one third of the world’s economic output and comprise about half of the world’s population. First steps towards analternative economic system havealready been taken some two years ago, when the BRICS established their own development bank to gradually replace the western world’s instruments of deception, the IMF and the World Bank. The BRICS new trading model is slanted to make a huge dent in the western neoliberal world’s third instrument of deception – the World Trade Organization – WTO.

The BRICS development bank acts at the same time as an initial central bank, that is not linked in any way to the western monetary system, manipulated by the FED, Wall Street, and the BIS – the Bank for International Settlement – also known as the central bank of central banks.

In the meantime, the BRICS and associates are using their local currencies for international trade among each other, instead of the traditional money of reference, the US dollar. Russia has recently announced that all its trading in hydrocarbons – estimated at about a trillion dollars per year – will be carried out in rubles and currencies of their trading partners. It is expected that other oil and gas producers will eventually follow suit – reducing considerably the demand for the US dollar.

To back-up this new international trading deed, on 9 April 2014, the Central Bank of Russia has introduced a new logo, which just happens to be a gold ruble –  , meaning the Russian ruble is henceforth backed by gold, becoming a fully convertible currency, no longer vulnerable to western banks speculations and manipulations.

In December last year, the Vice-President of the Bank of China has declared that China will no longer buy US Treasury Bonds. In fact, what China has been doing since then, is gradually divesting their huge dollar reserves (about 1.6 trillion) into other currencies, closer to the Chinese markets.

Last week was made official what many economists already suspected – China will overtake the US economy later this year, thereby becoming the world’s largest economy.

Washington doesn’t like these developments one bit. Of course, it doesn’t spell out its displeasure, and the obedient mainstream media are quiet about it. However, part of Obama’s infamous and ridiculous war of sanctions lashed out against Russia and any nation or anybody linked with Russia, are a desperate attempt to damage Russia’s economy. Western (bought) economists go out of their way to declare how much these sanctions will hurt Russia, when in fact the long-term perspectives for the Russian economy which in trade and political savvy is closely related to that of China – are excellent – and getting better as the empire’s economy of destruction is faltering.

Clearly a new economic system is emerging.

Such Washington imposed destructive, totalitarian and inhuman calamities as are happening in Ukraine since 22 February 2014 should soon be a thing of the past – as an alternative world economy may bring the United States of America to its knees – even without spilling a drop of blood.

 Peter Koenig is an economist and former World Bank staff. He worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research,  ICH, the Voice of Russia and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe.

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