A Major Strategic Understanding Between the West and Iran is Actively Worth Pursuing
By Anthony Bellchambers
Global Research, October 01, 2014

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A recently retired, senior General in the British armed forces, who reported directly to the Defence Ministry, has this week stated that a major strategic understanding between the West and Iran is actively worth pursuing.

It must, the General said, be in the long-term interests of Britain and the West to bring Iran back into the international community of nations. Iranians are a proud, sophisticated people with a great history going back hundreds of years – many of which, as a strong ally of the West.

The West, including Britain, should seek to resume business with the Iranian government, for the potential benefits far outweigh any risk. Iran is a nation of 80 million and it is of extreme irritation that it is treated as a pariah state by a lobby-controlled U.S. Congress on the direction of the Israelis who are the only people in the world who operate a covert, nuclear-weapons program

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