The health authorities, Big Pharma, the WHO, the Rockefellers and the Gates foundation are fully aware that the vaccine has resulted in countless deaths and injuries, including blood clots, infertility, brain damage, myocarditis, etc.
The assault on people’s rights is now being extended into the imposition of vaccine mandates. Working people are now being put squarely in the line of fire. They are facing ultimatums from employers that they will lose their jobs if they do not accept the injection.
It’s an electronic ID-program using the Covid-19 "vaccine as a platform for digital identity, linking everything to everything of each individual (records of health, banking, personal and private, etc.), managed by a state agency or in extremis, by the private sector.
Governments are not driving ‘The Great Reset’; it is an initiative of the global elite and governments are simply elite puppets. Resistance requires solidarity as well as strategically-focused grassroots actions directed against the financial elite's ‘Great Reset’ agenda.
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