Force the adversary to expand recklessly in order to unbalance him, and then destroy him. This is not the description of a judo hold, but a plan against Russia elaborated by the Rand Corporation, the most influential think tank in the USA.
Pfizer was fully aware that the mRNA vaccine which it is marketing Worldwide would result in a wave of mortality and morbidity. This is tantamount to a crime against humanity on the part of Big Pharma.
Don’t look up lest you could see what nobody wants you to see – namely the Big-Big Lie. As time goes on and Agenda 2030, alias The WEF's Great Reset progresses, the asteroid approaching Mother Earth is ever moving closer.
The energy crisis is a long-planned strategy of western corporate capital to dismantle industrial economies in the name of a dystopian Green Agenda. That has its roots well before February 2022, when Russia launched its military action in Ukraine.
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