President Emmanuel Macron is an instrument of the financial establishment, a former employee of the Rothschilds, acting on their behalf, enforcing a profit driven macro-economic agenda as well boosting the revenues of the military contractors.
The fact is, there is nothing to “respect” and everything to condemn about Barr’s work as a key inner circle operative throughout George H. W. Bush’s rise to power. It is a sobering fact that many US presidents have gone out of their way to hire fixers to be their attorney generals.
What the Pentagon has in mind is a massive, long-lasting war effort against “revisionist powers”, or more precisely China and Russia. The report recommends to thoroughly “retool” the US economy and to prepare for a “great power conflict scenario”
Under pressure from the Pentagon and US Intelligence, the USA took the decision to forbid the use of Smart phones and telecommunications infrastructures from the Chinese company Huawei, warning that they may potentially be used for espionage, and pressured their allies to do the same.
Rod Rosenstein
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