9/11Truth Petition Presented to Canada’s Parliament: New Forensic Evidence
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Global Research, December 09, 2014

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Ottawa ON – Last week Green Party Leader Elizabeth May presented a petition calling for a Parliamentary review of new forensic evidence regarding the events of September 11, 2001.

This petition was submitted by citizens from four provinces, and is supported by three professional organizations who have been digging into 9/11 evidence for years.

These organizations will jointly deliver a press conference to the Canadian and US media on Wednesday morning at 11:00: 

Press Conference, Wednesday December 10, 11 AM, Charles Lynch Room, 130-S, Centre Block Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Three Professional Organizations Offer Evidence-Based 9/11 Statements As Helping Hand to Families of US Victims, based in Ottawa, emphasizes the undying role of US family members in calling for an independent inquiry into 9/11. In honoring their dead, they want the truth to be known, and the value of those lost to it respected.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, which has 2300 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation based on the evidence for controlled demolition. This organization produced the in-depth documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out,” in which 40 technical and building professionals explain their conclusion of “controlled demolition”. The film rose to “most watched” video nationally on in September 2012, and is available in a 15-minute version narrated by actor Ed Asner.

The 9/11 Consensus Panel (  24 expert members of the international three-year-old 9/11 Consensus Panel have developed 44 Consensus Points of “best evidence” opposing the official account of 9/11.  The Panel respondents remain blind to one another throughout a rigorous reviewing process. Included in their studies are the surprising activities of the military and political leaders that day.  The consensus process has yielded an unprecedented degree of credibility for specific points of evidence relating to 9/11.


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Organizers:  David Long, 613-204-9090,  E.Woodworth, 250-383-2417

Engineering Representative, Tony Szamboti, 856-228-4747

Architectural Representative, Richard Gage, AIA,  510-292-4710

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